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May 20, 2014

Deep Dive: side-loading apps on the Nokia X

With every app checked and ratified, the Nokia Store on Nokia X should always be your first port of call for downloading apps and games. However, there is also the option to side load.


If you didn’t already know, side-loading refers to the process of installing an app independently of an online store. For example, you might have an Android app stored on your PC that you want to use on your Nokia X. This is how you do it…

With Android apps in particular, the file extension used is known as .apk, or Android Package.

  1. Locate or download your ‘filename.apk’.
  2. Transfer the ‘filename.apk’ to your Nokia X by:
  3. Using file manager on your PC – connect your Nokia X via a Micro USB cable.
  4. OR send the file via Bluetooth from your Mac.
  5. OR adding it to a MicroSD and inserting into your phone.
  6. Enable the installation of apps via unknown sources on your phone, by navigating to Settings > Security > Unknown sources.
  7. If you’ve sent the file via Bluetooth, it’ll be located in your Fastlane, ready and waiting – click it. Otherwise, run the pre-installed ASTRO file manager and locate the file using the search option – click it.
  8. Wait for the install to finish and run the app.

That’s it!

To play it safe, make sure you switch off the ‘unknown sources’ option in security settings once you’ve finished.

Have you side-loaded any apps to your Nokia X smartphone? Let us know your experience.