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May 21, 2014

Arc of Wonder: bullet-effect photoshoot with 50 Lumias

Celebrated filmmaker Paul Trillo has joined forces with our creative Lab to create an exciting system that controls 50 Lumia 1020 smartphones simultaneously, creating a “bullet effect” photoshoot.


Following on from the stunning interactive dress made up of Lumia 1520 smartphones by Fyodor Golan, our creative Lab teamed up with filmmaker Paul Trillo to create the “Multi Lumia Arc of Wonder.”

It was transported through the bustling streets of New York to capture “Living Moments” using the powerful 41-megapixel camera on the Lumia 1020.

It’s another first for Lumia, connecting 50 smartphones and enabling a “bullet-effect” photoshoot pushes the boundaries of photography and technology.

Pioneering filmmaker Paul Trillo, said:

“We used a Microsoft Surface tablet to control the shoot and a special app which was designed for the Windows 8 mobile platform.

“We captured a total of 30,000 images across Manhattan, including Union Square, Allen St. and Central Park West.”

“The Multi Lumia Arc of Wonder combines smart technology to demonstrate the power of Lumia imaging, and the results are stunning” said Costas Syrmos, head of the creative lab.


To see how the “Multi Lumia Arc of Wonder” was created, and experience the results of the shoot, watch the video below.

Lumia 1020