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May 22, 2014

Lumia tips: How to get the pitch perfect soccer shot

Last week we announced the launch of our #LumiaXNatGeo Soccer Photography competition. This week we’re going to give you some tips on how to win it.

Let’s be honest – shooting sports is extremely hard to master and you certainly need the best equipment to get top quality photos. While us Lumia lovers might be missing those bazooka sized telephoto lenses, we have bags of creativity and a device that’s more than capable of catching memorable moments on the pitch. If you want your football loving friends to start calling you the Special One because of your eye-catching photos, just follow these five simple tips that will improve your sports shots to no end.

1. Take advantage of your wide-angle lens

Wide-angle lenses are not exactly the best tools for sports, but they are perfect for capturing an entire scene or stadium. Especially if it’s not the best game you’ve watched, or you’re just not that interested in that particular sport, go shoot the colorful fans and crowd celebrating. Alternatively, you could try to find cool looking patterns somewhere in the stadium! The majestic floodlights always look good too.

lumia stadion

2. Max the shutter speed

To freeze the action completely you need shutter speeds of around 1/1000th of a second. With automatic settings the shutter speed might not be fast enough, so go manual and see how freezing the action makes the photo look way better!

lumia football


3. Use the burst Luke!

Despite having the option to freeze the action like this, you’re still likely to need Jedi-like skills to capture a proper action shot first time. Luckily, Lumia’s burst mode lets us choose the best shot out of ten captured frames! Other wicked effects include using multiple frames for one action packed shot and adding motion blur.

lumia motionblur

4. Go zoom crazy!

If you happen to be a proud owner of the Lumia 1020, make the most of its amazing zoom. In many bigger events and matches you just don’t have any other chance to get near the pitch. A flick of two fingers will zoom you right into the heart of the action!

4. Read the game

I love to play and watch football, but I always struggle when I have to take photos of it! Most of the time I get too excited and forget the whole camera in front of me. But knowing the sport and having a good spot are the keys to best action shots. After all, you don’t want to end up running around the pitch chasing the ball.

5. Showcase the emotions

Be it Sunday league football or just kids in the park, there’s always plenty of emotions involved. Passion, joy, pain, and excitement – for 90 minutes all the emotions are on display and for you to catch. But remember to respect the players, officials and fans!

lumia crowd

Another thing worth remembering is to always hold on tight to your phone… especially if you’re not a Lumia owner yet. To find out why, check out the tricks of my fellow Finn and football sniper Lassi Hurskainen, whose incredible precision and silky smooth skills will help you make the switch even earlier than you thought!

Have you tried shooting sports with your Lumia? Do you have more tips for me and the rest of the world? We’re looking forward to your comments and thoughts, almost as much as we’re looking forward to the World Cup!