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May 25, 2014

Our favourite 5 new Windows Phone apps of the week

We hope you’ve all had an app-solutely app-tastic week. We certainly have!

And with a bank holiday weekend approaching for many of us, we’re looking forward to some extra-elongated quality time with our precious devices. (And, of course, with our loved ones – ahem!) If you’re in search of some top techy entertainment, then scroll on down to read all about our five favourite new and updated apps from the past seven days.

Tap Master: Mondrian

What is it: A reflex puzzle game

Why we love it: A bunch of shapes in various colours, inspired by Piet Mondrian’s paintings, fall down the screen, faster and faster, Tetris-style, while a command bar at the top tells you which shape and/or colour you have to tap to proceed. Miss one or get it wrong, and it’s game over. Fast, nerve-wracking and fun. And horrifically addictive. Plus we love the aesthetic – it makes us feel artistically Dutch!

Who it’s perfect for: gamers and art lovers!

tap master mondrian


What is it: A photo-editing app

Why we love it: This is a photo-editing gizmo that emulates old-school black-and-white film. Rather than simply switching your colour pictures into auto-formatted monochrome images, this app lets you alter your image’s contrast, brightness and vignettes via a series of sliders and a curve tool. There’s also a bunch of presets configured to look like certain brands of film. We love this app!

Who it’s perfect for: photographers



What is it: A to-do list app

Why we love it: We’re not short of to-do lists and note apps in the Windows Phone Store, but this is a handy addition if you want something simple and aren’t worried about synching between devices. Add a list and add items to your list; tick the items off as you complete them, and on the home-screen you’ll see a list of your lists alongside numerical notes on how far through each list you are. Quick, easy and useful.

Who it’s perfect for: shoppers, compulsive list-makers

checklist +


What is it: A SnapChat client for Windows Phone

Why we love it: SnapChat is a picture/video-sending messaging tool that allows you to send your images or mini-movies along with captions to your friends. While we’re waiting for an official WP8 release, 6snap is an excellent third-party client. This is version 3.0 of the popular service, and it brings chat conversations to the table as well as letting you scroll back to see old snaps. No longer does everything vanish when you switch off the app! If you’re not a 6snap user, now’s a good time to get on board.

Who it’s perfect for: social media fans and photographers


FLAC player SD

What is it: A music player

Why we love it: FLAC is a lossless audio file format that isn’t supported by many of the more mainstream audio-players. This app is a pretty nifty alternative if you need to access tracks in this format. You’ll need to store the files themselves in a new folder on an SD card in your phone’s expansion slot (not in the default music folder, though!) and then you’ll be sorted. Should be a handy one!

Who it’s perfect for: music fans

flac player

Plenty of material there for some great days in, don’t you agree? And if the weather’s sunny enough to put you off the good old sofa snuggle-up, why not head out to the park to try these out – that’s what our Lumias with ClearBlack screens are for!

Wherever you choose to enjoy this week’s app adventures, we’d love you to share your opinions of our picks. Hit, miss or somewhere in between? As ever, we’re ready and waiting for your feedback down below.

Cover image by losmininos