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May 28, 2014

Asha App spotlight: Ninja School World

Enrol yourself at Ninja School World to enter a realm of fantasy and become the master of the ancient practice of ninjutsu.


Access to this world is only granted once you’ve filled out a registration form. Once complete, you’re in and ready to learn new skills.

Designed as an RPG (role-playing game), Ninja School World is played online, so make sure you’ve got your Wi-Fi turned on, or have a tariff that includes data charges.

To master your ninja skills you must first choose which school you wish to study at, then learn from the tutors who will help you on your journey.


Naturally, as you progress your skillset improves and the challenges become more difficult.

Summon the knowledge of the past and use special powers to complete more than 100 areas of gameplay.

While Ninja School World is free to play and download, additional paid features are available within the game.

Have you got what it takes to become a ninja master?