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May 29, 2014

Design an album cover and win the Connects Challenge

Hands in the air everybody, it’s #ConnectsChallenge time! What #ConnectsChallenge? In case we made you feel all dazed and confused there, let’s explain.

As of today, #Lumia Challenge will be known as the #ConnectsChallenge. The same tantalizing tasks, the same top-notch prizes. So why did we change it? Well, we just wanted to make it totally clear that you don’t have to have a Lumia to enter. All that’s needed is any Nokia device and a bit of cool creative flair.

Get your favourite music covered

Last month, you made some absolutely awesome #LumiaFaces at us. Huge congrats once again to the winners and thanks for all the giggly grins you put on our faces. This time around, however, it’s time to face the music.

June’s #ConnectsChallenge is to recreate the cover of your favourite music album with your Nokia device. You’re allowed to use any materials you like… paper, material, your phone, or even yourself, so let your imagination go crazy. The winners will be chosen by none other than Dean Pattrick of Nokia Mix Radio along with our panel of judges – get ready to impress our music maestro!


Run for cover… and a Nokia X!

To enter, take a picture of your cover art and tag it with #ConnectsChallenge on Twitter or Instagram, including the artist’s name (to educate those not in the know!). The winner will get their hands on the lovely Nokia X along with some other fabulous goodies.

The competition goes live today, so go dust off that record collection – or those of you with your feet firmly in the 21st century, just browse your top album covers with Nokia Mix Radio! Whichever your method, don’t forget to read the Terms and Conditions.

Any questions? Give us a shout in the comments below… just remember to shout loud, as we might all be singing along to our favourite albums at top volume.