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May 29, 2014

Meet the award-winning photo-gaming app, Pikura

A lot has happened since Joe Fernandez and Pablo Moncunill won the Grand Prize in the Nokia Create developer contest for Pikura, an app that brings gamification to mobile photography.

We caught up with the two Madrid-based software engineers to hear more about their experience and find out what’s new since they won the contest in January.


A fun photo-gaming app

If you’re not familiar with Pikura, here’s how it works: Any user can create a challenge, such as “take a photo of the weirdest-looking insect you can find.” After a challenge is issued, anyone can complete it by shooting and uploading a photo. You can then vote on the submissions to determine a winner.

Check out the video to see it in action:


By the way, the photo challenge “Things With Faces” that you see in this film is live. We invite you to download Pikura and participate!

What have they been up to?

Besides shooting this promo film, attending Mobile World Congress and enjoying their many other prizes, Paul and Joe also recently launched a version of Pikura for Nokia X devices. In addition, the two are looking to create a Windows 8 version for tablets and are excited about Pikura being a universal Windows app.


Joe started coding as a child, while Pablo was busy being a magician. They both met at University and obviously make a great team.

Here’s what Pablo said about working with Joe: “The best thing is that we are always learning from each other. Whenever we have a problem or a decision to make, we talk about it and together, we find a great solution.”

Joe agreed, saying that he and Pablo feed off of each other’s energy and enthusiasm. “Pablo and I tend to have some pretty interesting, wild ideas each one on our own,” he said. “But these ideas really shine and improve greatly when we start discussing them and challenge each other.”

If you’d like to learn more about Pablo, Joe and their experience as developers, we invite you to check out the blog post and the video on Nokia Developer. You will find out why they recommend all developers to consider creating their apps for Windows Phone first.

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