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May 30, 2014

10 Cleverest Lumia shots of the month

Whenever you share the amazing photos you’ve taken with your Lumia, we like to take a look too. Here are ten we liked this month.

1. Cinemagraphs create an unusual blend of movement and motionlessness into one single photo.

A perfect example of this is by @vi_coimbra who sits in front of a pool of water, frozen forever, as the waterwheel turns behind him.


2. Trees, blue sky, lush green vegetation and a mountain. It’s all here in this Refocus.

Thanks to @hcarrega for sharing.

Don’t forget to tap within the image to change the focus point.

3. There’s only one way to add an additional 14 arms to a human in this world, and that’s to use Nokia Camera with the Action Shot feature.

This shot by bearcubdonosti is superb, fun and creative.

4. Tweeted directly to us (@NokConv) this Cinemagraph from @arjunpattath shows a cat that appears almost robotic is its movement.

That rotating ear, those widening eyes. We love it.


5. The world is made up of millions of colours, and yet sometimes we don’t always notice it.

It’s not until we stop and look, or Colour Pop a photo, that we really appreciate how deep, vibrant and bold the world can be.

Great photo by sikirtina.

6. All around the globe, ‘Love Locks‘ are firmly secured to fences to show an unbreakable and everlasting bond between two people. In some places, they can seemingly go on for miles and fade far away from view.

This excellent Refocus from @vowe draws your eye to the foreground, but feel free to refocus the photo further to the back – tap the photo.

7. Can you be in two places at once?

This clever Action Shot photo from homam_k makes you question that very statement.

8. You’re at a wedding and you’ve got a Nokia Lumia 1020. Of course you’re going to capture the moment.

That’s precisely what Animalatina did in this next photo, highlighting the red flowers using Colour Pop.

9. In Detroit Airport, there’s a pool of water that spits jets of water into the air, as you can see by this next Cinemagraph – captured by @nerdstrap.


10. The Nokia Lumia 1020 is capable of creating some great macro shots, like this one by satukaarina.

So close in fact, that we think we can make out a red or pink barn in the water droplet.

What’s been your favourite out of these ten? Have you found anymore that you’d like to share? Please do, below.