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June 3, 2014

Instagram on Nokia X: available now

Join the millions of Instagrammers around the world and share your effect-laden photos to the masses.

With more than 200-million users worldwide, Instagram has become the number one destination when it comes to adding filters to photos and uploading them to the web.


Getting started couldn’t be simpler. On your Nokia X or Nokia XL, head to the Nokia Store and download Instagram for free.

After a brief moment of registration, or signing in with Twitter or Facebook, you’re ready to start sharing your photos.

Photos can be taken directly from within the app, or selected from your phone’s photo gallery.

You can also share short videos with your Instagram friends; load up the in-app camera and tap the video camera icon.

Instagram on Nokia X also includes a Direct Messaging feature, allowing you to send private photos and videos to other Instagram members.

Various effects can be added to your snaps to help give them a different feel. There are also additional framing and tilt-shift options.

As part of the ever-expanding Instagram community, the photos you share can be liked and commented on by your friends or by other members. If you like other people’s photos, you can return the favour.

Of course, if you’d like to share your photos privately between you and a select group of people, there’s the option to make your account private.

Download Instagram on your Nokia X today – for free.