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June 4, 2014

Essential free apps for Lumia 630

If you’ve just picked up your brand new Lumia 630 – the first Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone to hit the market – you’ll want to load it up with some quality apps. Check these out:


HERE Maps – free


No map app offers a better navigation experience than HERE Maps.

The clean-and-slick interface makes it really easy for you to concentrate on what’s important: getting from A-to-B.

If you want to explore what’s around you, the places tab is one click away and shows you plenty of interesting things to visit in your vicinity.

With the option to download offline map data, you’ll never get lost, no matter where you are.

Evernote – free

We all use reminders to get us through a day; a note on the fridge door, an inked message on the back of the hand; whatever works.

However, there’s a more efficient way, and that’s to use Evernote.

With this app you can jot down absolutely anything, and you’re not restricted to what you can write on the back of your knuckles.

Instead, fill your Evernote digital notebook with reminders of picking up the dry-cleaning, buying your partner an anniversary gift, or include your daily thoughts as if it were your diary.

While words alone may be enough for some, you can also include photos to help remember those moments just at they happened.

Bing Health & Fitness – free

The Lumia 630 comes equipped with Nokia’s new SensorCore technology.

Bing Health & Fitness taps into this new technology and allows you to keep track of how many steps you’ve taken, calories burned, miles walked, as well as where you did all of that.

There’s a rapidly growing culture of people who want to know what their bodies are doing at any given time. Now, you can join them.

Instagram – free

As a Lumia owner, you know that your smartphone takes some breath-taking photos. One of the great ways to share them is to use Instagram.


More than 200-million people are using Instagram; all sharing, liking, and commenting under one roof.

Join them by adding effects to your photos and letting the world discover your creativity.

Nokia MixRadio – free

Whether you’re a music junkie dancing the dark hours away, or someone who simply likes to spend a Sunday afternoon reading the paper while listening to some jazz, MixRadio’s got you covered.

Free to use, MixRadio brings you personalised music, built around the music that you love most.

Using the Play Me feature any music you’ve got loaded on your Lumia will be scanned and a playlist will be created based on that.

Alternatively, create your own mix by selecting three of your favourite artists or bands and MixRadio will return with a mix that you’ll want to spend hours listening to.

Going offline, say, on the underground train? No worries. You can save MixRadio mixes to your Lumia for listening at anytime, any place.

Viber – free

Calling, messaging, and sending photos worldwide has never been simpler or more affordable – thanks to Viber.

By utilising your phone’s Wi-Fi or 3G abilities, anything you send can potentially be for free. Of course, if you’re using 3G you’ll need to have a data allowance.

Viber is available on many different smartphones and platforms, including desktop. Meaning you can send a message on your phone and your mate will pick it up on their PC, which is pretty clever stuff.

Using your mobile phone number as your ID Viber syncs with your Lumia’s contact list, automatically detecting which of your friends are also Viber members.

Vine – free

You may not think that six seconds is enough to make a movie, but millions of people will prove you wrong.

Thanks to the stop-motion like interface, you can create really clever videos in really simple fashion: finger on the screen = record, finger off the screen = pause.

Shazam – free

When a tune comes on the TV at home, or on the radio in a bar, we’ve all had those “I love this song! What’s it called?” moments. Right?

Shazam listens to the music and delivers the answer right to your Lumia.

Once ‘tagged’, the song can be purchased and downloaded directly to your phone so you can continue to listen later.

Asphalt 8: Airborne – free


What’s more fun than driving a super-fast car and performing high-speed aerial stunts? Virtually speaking, of course…

This has more high-speed performance cars than you can probably think of – 47 to be precise. And they’re all yours to test drive in nine different environments.

Which are your Windows Phone app essentials? Share them with us in the comments below.