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June 4, 2014

Instagram your water pics to win a Lumia surprise pack

At the start of June, the intrepid aquatic explorer, Fabien Cousteau (grandson to the legendary Jacques-Yves Cousteau) and his team of aquanauts set off on an amazing underwater adventure.

Powered by Lumia, this project called Mission 31 will see them living and working underwater for 31 days at 20 meters below the ocean’s surface. We’ll soon be getting some awesome Lumia footage from Mission 31, but in the meantime, we want to celebrate this fantastic endeavour on our Instagram feed. And that’s where we need you.

We’re inviting all of you instagramers to post your water pics, using the hashtag #LumiaWater. The one lucky winner will get a Lumia surprise pack… even we don’t know what’s in it, yet, but we have a feeling it’s gonna be good.

No, you don’t have to don your diving suit, although you can if you want to. Just remember to protect your Lumia if you do! In all seriousness, the entries can be anything water related, from puddlegrams to water droplets, beaches, water balloons and rain. If you’re lost for ideas, you could start by taking a dip into these posts on Lumia underwater photography and photographing water in motion. Alternatively, wallow in the beauty of these images from our Instagram feed before testing the water yourself.



Ready to dive in? Before you do, just remember to read the Terms and Conditions first. You have until June the 30th to submit your masterpieces, and you’re welcome to flood us with entries. One, two, five or a ton, it’s up to you.

Previously instagramed pics qualify, too, as long as you tag them #LumiaWater. Go get your feet wet, you water babies! And please share with us any interesting stories behind your entries… like soaked and saved Lumias or unforeseen swims. We’ll be laughing with you, not at you, in the comments below.