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June 5, 2014

Remember everything with Evernote on Lumia & Nokia X

Evernote turns your phone into an extension of your brain.

While the thought of an organically attached phone springs to mind, the reality is much simpler, and thankfully far less painful.

With Evernote available on Nokia X and Lumia, as well as most mobile and computing platforms, your phone is equipped to remember anything and everything that your day, week, month or year will throw at you.


Need to buy some milk on the way home? Want to make notes during the meeting at school or work? How about all those ideas that pop into your head for that novel you’re still trying to write?

This simple app is there to do all the remembering so you don’t have to strain your brain later.

Notes alone are often useful enough, but Evernote also includes a photo function and a voice recording, enabling you to add snapshots and audio of all those little moments.


Everything is synced instantly with the cloud, allowing you to access these notes from anywhere you’ve got an internet connection. Make a change on another device and it’ll be updated on your Lumia and/or Nokia X family.

Grab Evernote for free now, before you forget. Wait, there’s an app for that…