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June 6, 2014

Lumia Instagramer of the Week: Aloysius Ting

The English poet William Cowper famously said, “Variety’s the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavour.” The same could be said of Instagram.

For most people, it’s not the countless selfies that cause people to go back time after time but the opportunity to enjoy amazingly different photos from amazingly different people. If one man embodies this ideal it’s this week’s Lumia Instagramer, the incredibly versatile Aloysius Ting. This Singaporean revels in the different forms of photography, but rather than talk about his style, I think it’s best to let his photos do the talking. Although not before we’ve heard from the man himself.


Which Lumia do you have and what do you like most about it?

I’ve had the Nokia Lumia 1020 since it launched in Singapore last October. The combination of the 41 megapixel camera, Pureview technology, and the Nokia Camera app gives so much flexibility in capturing and then reframing your shots. Plus, because the original images have such high quality, I can confidently put them through editing apps without worrying about resolution loss. I recently went on a trip to Japan and used the 1020 exclusively. From macros to long exposures and colour pops, the 1020 allowed me to capture priceless memories of Spring in Japan. It’s definitely going to power the rest of my trips. As my Instagram description says “From Singapore to the world with the Nokia Lumia 1020”!

Where do you shoot most of your photos and what sort of photos do you like to take best?

I snap pictures wherever and whenever I can! While I’d previously been wondering what my style is, I recently realised that I’m aiming to be versatile with a philosophy of capturing moments that people don’t usually observe. So as Alban (@albanxhakaj) mentioned, you can find all sorts of pictures in my gallery. I must say that I am partial to surreal images and macros. I’m hoping to start some double exposures and to improve my food and architecture photography.

What are your top tips for taking Instagram photos on your Lumia?

1. Take the time to fully explore the manual settings in Nokia Camera. There are many shots that you cannot get using auto.
2. Don’t be afraid to edit! Good editing can enhance the experience for the photographer, the viewer, and even the subject.
3. Learn from others. If you’re interested in how someone did a shot, just ask. Use any feedback you receive to help you improve.
4. Above all, make sure you stay safe and have fun!

Which five Lumia instagramers do you recommend everyone to follow?

This is definitely the toughest question because there are some many who inspire and motivate me! I’ll have to go with:

@whosane_1020 – Husain does mindblowing sunset beach shots but all his ventures to other genres are just as incredible.

@deepakkhoenie – Deepak is a master of architecture photography and kindly gave me useful tips as I explored the genre.

@nolie_ocoy820 – Nolie is never afraid to try new things and is a collaborator on one of my favourite pictures.

@anapuzar – Ana is the Fly Whisperer… Her macro world is something that I gladly explore everyday.

@dodo_vanson – Dovanson is a fellow Singapore Lumia user. There are so few of us around and he definitely knows how to stretch his 1020.

What are the top ten favourite photos you’ve taken on your Lumia?


Waterbending – Got this shot at Gunung Kawi while on a rainy day tour in Ubud, Bali. Made the wet shoes worth it!

Kiss From A Rose

Kiss From A Rose On The Grey – A HDR colour pop snapped at a good friend’s wedding banquet. My gift to her and her husband.


Flight At First Light – Tiny Planets PRO turned a flock of pigeons into this spooky surreal shot.


The Summoner – I dreamed of doing fire dancer shots since watching Marcus Olsson’s Pro Camera videos last year.


What Is Real? – A little puddle befuddle inspired by Joel Willans himself to celebrate the end of a long dry spell in Singapore back in March.

Wonderment ColourPop

Enchantment – I’d never have gotten this if I didn’t stop and turned around on my walk through the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove in Kyoto, Japan.


Hypnotised – An experiment with black and white that I’m quite fond of because of the multiple layers of contrast.


Mystic Stream – The collaboration with Nolie that I mentioned. My daytime long exposure with his Fhotoroom edits.

I Can't Stand To Fly

I Can’t Stand To Fly – Applied some tips that Deepak shared with me to get this architecture shot.


Eye Of The Green – A plain water drop looks completely different up close.


                              Rain Of Fire – Here’s a bonus shot for all the Nokia fans that’s not yet on Instagram! Abstract light paining by moving the phone instead of the light source.

We hope you’ve been as wowed by Aloysius’s stunning shots as us. If the answer is yes you can see more of his work on Instagram.  And if you’d like to be featured as Lumia Instagrammer of the Week, make sure you follow us and hashtag your photos Lumia. But for now, we’d love to know which of Aloysius’s shots you love best.