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June 6, 2014

X Man: Meet the world’s first Nokia X blogger

Nokia X has been around for just a few months, but we’ve been excited to see that the web’s tech community is already giving it the love it deserves.

One example of this is the world’s first Nokia X blog, which was recently started by Lebanese tech aficionado Anthony Soufiar. We got in touch with him to find out about his inspiration, his plans and most importantly, what he thinks of those fabulous Nokia X devices.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself. Who are you, where do you come from, and what do you do for living?

My name is Anthony Soufiar, I’m from Lebanon and currently living in Bahrain. I’m working as the Group Head of Information Technology at Gulf One Investment Bank. Technology, gadgets and gizmos are my life. You can say I am a full blown tech freak!

2. You already have a successful Lumia blog. How did you get into blogging about Nokia devices?

My relationship with Nokia started a long time ago, ever since I got my 1st Nokia phone and I fell in love with the brand. During the release of the Nokia E90 Communicator I started a small blog called NOKE90 and it was quite successful for a while, and then gradually I moved out of the Nokia scene until the day Nokia decided to move into the Windows Phone platform. Then I thought that this has huge potential and Nokia will be back on the map.


I decided to launch The Lumia Blog because I believed that the brand name Lumia would become a household name in the mobile scene. And I fell in love with the whole Lumia line of products. Then came Nokia X and the bold move by Nokia to move into Android and create a new Android device that no one thought would be possible, a device that broke the traditional way we perceive Android. And what a great device it turned out to be! Nokia always proves to the world that whatever Nokia touches turns into something classy.

3. What has been the most exciting thing that’s happened to you as a tech blogger?

The most exciting things for me are that I’ve got to meet new people and got closer to technology than ever before. I love having demo units sent over to me to test and talk about. I was also very excited to be part of the Nokia World event that was held in Abu Dhabi and meeting many great members of the Nokia and Microsoft team.


4. What is it about Nokia X that made you start the new blog? Please list your five favourite features.

I started the Nokia X Blog because, as with The Lumia Blog, I saw great potential in the new line and I strongly believe that Nokia X is the start of something great to come.

My most favourite features are:

The design, form factor and colors
Love Fastlane, it’s Awesome
Availability of Microsoft services and Android apps
Nokia Mix Radio

5. For those not yet familiar with the Nokia X blog, please describe the blog: what’s there now, what is your aim with the blog and what are your plans for the future?

The Nokia X Blog is very new and still in its infancy, but I’m working hard to establish the blog as well as The Lumia Blog and gain more readers. The aim with the Nokia X Blog is to write about stuff that I like related to the Nokia X family, such as hardware, software and services, and to keep my readers informed about the latest developments on the Nokia X scene.

Anthony’s definitely got some avid readers in the Conversations team, but what about you? Have you checked out the blog yet, and do you have anything you’d like to ask Anthony to feature in it? Please tell us, and him, in the comments below.

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