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June 8, 2014

Our 5 favourite new Windows Phone apps of the week

This month is barely a week old, and already we’re wowed by the apps that have been released into the wilderness – well, the Windows Phone Store – by a bunch of super-keen developers.

Curious? Excited? You bet we are! We’ve spent the past week road-testing the new arrivals, and we’re delight to unveil our five favourites. The key word here is excellence, folks! Scroll down to find out more….


What is it: a platform game

Why we love it: A bazillion levels (well, eighty with the option to buy another ten) with single and multi-player options, this visually stunning side-scroller is more than a little impressive. You’re a forest critter but something bad’s going down in your hood: you’ve got to fly through the forest to figure out what’s gone wrong, avoiding various traps and pitfalls. The gestures that control your flight are slightly idiosyncratic but after a little practice they feel really intuitive, and the graphics and sound effects are so fancy it’s next to impossible to put the game down. We’re hooked.
Who it’s perfect for: gamers of all ages


Hotel Tonight

What is it: an accommodation-finder

Why we love it: If you input an area into this handy app, it’ll let you know which local hotels have vacancies for that night and how much they charge for the rooms. The makers claim to have strict quality controls in place, which means not every hotel around you will pop up, but our tests produced a good range nonetheless. They also rank the hotels into various categories, from basic to hip to luxury, so you ought to know what you’re getting. Really handy if you’re in a pinch without a roof and don’t have time for more extensive research. You can make a booking from within the app for up to five nights. Plus we love the logo!
Who it’s perfect for: travellers


HP AiO Remote

What is it: a remote printing app for HP wireless printers

Why we love it: Okay, this is a niche one, but some users ought to get something out of it: if you’ve got a HP wireless multifunction printer, you can use this app to print certain documents straight from your phone. It’ll only work for PDFs and photos, but that’s still pretty good, and it’ll let you view the printer’s ink and toner levels remotely, which might stop you from hitting print too soon and save you some paper. You can also use it to operate your printer’s scanner function from your phone. The interface looks good, too – clean and bright. Let us know how you get along with this one!

Who it’s perfect for: HP users




What is it: a puzzle game in space

Why we love it: You control a little robot with magnetic powers. You’re on a brick platform in outer space and you have to reach the shining dot at the other side to complete the level. Use your brains and your magnet to shift the blocks in your way into a configuration that will allow you to make your way across. Sounds easier than it is… The controls could be a little more responsive, but as it is, the slight stiffness almost adds to the retro charm. And the soundtrack is soothingly hypnotic,

Who it’s perfect for: gamers of all ages



What is it: the official app for the music/entertainment TV channel

Why we love it: It’s market-restricted to US customers only, but if you live State-side and you’re a fan of MTV and all its subsidiaries, this one ought to float your entertainment boat. You’ll need to authenticate yourself via your regular TV provider (cable or satellite) to get watching, but once you’re in you’ll have access to a huge range of VH1’s output, from full shows to hundreds of videos and playlists, as well to as their schedule. If you’re already a cable/satellite customer, it’s worth getting this, as it’s free, simple to use and full of funky content. Works on Windows 8.1, too, so get that tablet out!

Who it’s perfect for: American fans of music and reality programming



Well, that’s it for another week: what did you think? Have you got a different set of new or updated favourites? If so, we’d love to hear about them, so don’t be shy – let us know in the comments!

Image credit: Rosmary