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June 10, 2014

Your Phone-powered festival survival guide

It’s that time of year again. The sun is (intermittently) shining and the rain has (fleetingly) stopped. It can only mean one thing; festival season!

But before you grab your rucksack and say goodbye to a decent hygiene routine, make sure you’ve got the right tools to survive the music, madness and, quite probably, mud.

Nokia 515

Microsoft has teamed up with Wacken to make the tough and hard-wearing Nokia 515 the ultimate “heavy metal” festival phone.

Check out this Wacken-edition Nokia 515.


Map apps

No matter how you’re getting to your festival of choice, we’ve got you covered.


HERE Drive+

If you’re hitting the road and loading up the car, look no further than HERE Drive+.

With turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation in 97 countries, HERE Drive also gives you the flexibility to store map data offline – no more getting lost in the middle of an operator ‘not-spot’.

The added real-time traffic feature (details here) will keep you up-to-date of traffic conditions on your journey, allowing you to make informed detours.

HERE Transit

If you’d rather take public transport to your event, go armed with HERE Transit.

Compare route options, arrival and departure times, changes and any walking distances you’ll need to plan the optimum journey.

Available in more than 760 cities, HERE Transit provides you with door-to-door guidance.


Of course, once you’re at your festival you’ll need to know the lay of the land.

After you’ve pitched your tent, found the restrooms (most likely just two portable toilets between 10,000 people), or located for the bar, you can pin them to your Start screen for easy finding when the sun comes up.

Maintaining power


Nokia Universal Portable USB Charger DC-18

One thing you’ll all definitely need when you plan to stay away from home is a way to keep your phone powered.

When fully charged, plug this 1720mAh powerhouse into your phone via the Micro-USB port and enjoy hours more “where are you?”, “I’m by the orange flag” SMS exchanges. It will also ensure your battery won’t run out when you’re taking that all-important festival selfie number 41

EasyAcc solar charger panel pack bag

If you want an additional backup, why not harness the power of the sun?

Plug this pack directly into your phone and let it soak up the sun’s rays. However, we think using it to keep the DC-18 charged is a better way to manage your power.



Before you even get to the festival you need to get in the party mood. Create the perfect travelling music playlist in the form of a MixRadio Mix.

Hit Play Me in MixRadio and you’ll get a mix based on the music you’ve already got loaded, or select up to three artists to create a custom mix. And remember that you can download the mixes for offline listening too.

Stuck for ideas? Try the Festivals 2014 mix.


Nokia Portable Wireless Speaker

When you’re settled in your tent with your pals at the end of a fantastic first day, don’t let the darkness extinguish your party vibes.

Connect your phone to this portable little speaker, either by Bluetooth, NFC, or the provided cable, and listen to your favourite tunes.

Yes, probably the very same ones you were listening to only moments ago.

Relive the moment!

3.5mm FM Radio Antenna


If you like your music a little more FM-based, make use of the radio feature on your phone.

Again, you could use the Portable Wireless Speaker above (connecting via the cable as it uses this as an aerial), or we found this little plug-in antenna so you can rock the retro look.

Look after your belongings

Nokia Treasure Tag


With hundreds, or thousands, of people packed into one field, it’s all too easy to misplace something.

Your phone, your bag, your camping chair, can all be tagged using the Nokia Treasure tag.

If you or your belongings venture too far apart, an alarm will sound on both the tag and your phone. The Nokia Treasure Tag app includes a map, making it easier to locate your valuables.

Can you think of any other festival essentials? Share your thoughts with us, below.

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