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June 10, 2014

Why you’ll be X-tra productive with Nokia X


For mobile workers looking to make an entry into the realm of smartphones, the Nokia X family of devices is hard to beat for value and excitement.


While the Nokia Lumia smartphone range provides the premium business offering, Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL, which can run Android apps, are affordable and packed with features to help you work smarter. They are ideal for entrepreneurs, small enterprises, as BYO (Bring Your Own) devices for work, or for complementing your existing smartphone or tablet.

The best of three worlds

One of the benefits of the Android app world is that the Nokia X devices offer some of the best productivity apps around, from SwiftKey to Flipboard and Wunderlist. This is combined with a number of fantastic features and services we already know from the Lumia and Asha ranges, as well as services from Microsoft.

These include Skype (particularly cool with the 5” display and front-facing camera of the Nokia XL!), and OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud service that comes with 7GB of free space, perfect for sharing and backing up documents and other files.

For effective email on the go, it’s great news that your business email, calendar and contacts can be safely synchronized between your company’s Microsoft Exchange server or service and your Nokia X.

The world’s your oyster

When you buy a Nokia X device in selected markets, you can get a free month of Skype’s Unlimited World Subscription (valid for a limited time). Good for you, great for your company!

What’s more, Nokia X devices come with HERE Maps, which will help you get to meetings on time and find your way while travelling. They also boast the customisable user interface similar to Windows Phone and the brightly colourful and durable design we love about Nokia Lumia smartphones.

On the Fastlane to multitasking

From the world of Asha, the Nokia X devices have picked Fastlane, which makes multitasking a breeze by keeping tabs on your recent activities, from the apps you’ve used to notifications, messages, calls and upcoming appointments. There’s no need to flick between apps – it’s all there, chronologically presented!

For secure real-time chats with colleagues, the BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) app comes particularly handy. It works with a PIN code so messages can only be sent between people you trust, and includes channels to discuss and follow up news on timely business topics.


Combine work and leisure with double-SIM

The Nokia X family of devices is all double-SIM, allowing you to combine business and leisure in the smartest way possible.

When you head home, just change your SIM card and enjoy your time off – while of course minimising your phone bill!

So, while the Nokia X devices are clearly superb workmates, that doesn’t translate to all work and no play – quite the opposite, it’s a bright and hugely entertaining leisure companion, too.

X marks the smart

We’re pretty certain that, for the next billion, the Nokia X devices will make smarter working the rule rather than the X-ception. Will you be part of the productivity revolution? Share your thoughts in the comments below.