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June 11, 2014

Little details I’m loving #7: Wireless charging plate

Once in a while a technology comes around that changes the mindset entirely.

Wireless charging is one of those things. Since its launch, the idea of searching for cable to power up your device went out with the ark. Just attach your charging cover (unless your phone has the wireless charging feature built-in), position the superbly designed wireless charger and enjoy cable-free juicing.

In its honour, this month’s “Little Details…” focuses on the Wireless Charging Plate. Often overlooked, but essential for the contemporary Lumia user, here’re four little things we love about it…

The shape

Perfectly rounded and pill-like in design, the plate not only compliments the minimalist lines of today’s Lumias, but will fit in, aesthetically, almost anywhere you put it.


The colour

Coming in every shade to match your compatible Lumia, the charging plate is both visually flattering and modern looking.


The marriage

When your Lumia is resting on top, we love the cohesion between the two devices; it even works when you mix up the colours.


The little detail

Want to know when your Lumia is fully charged? A subtle LED indicator at the front will tell you.


What do you love about your Wireless Charging Plate? Or do you use another wireless-charging device? Let us know..