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June 12, 2014

Introducing our latest MVC winner and the theme for June

Would you believe it, we’re well into June already? And what does that mean? Yep, you’ve guessed it we have a brand new MVC theme for you (announced shortly, hang in there) and more importantly we’re ready to announce last month’s winner!

To refresh everyone’s memory, May’s theme was Lumia Reviews. We wanted you to unearth and glorify those unsung heroes who write both honestly and informatively about our favourite smartphones. And, wow, did we get a result… 110 nominations for 12 different nominees. Every single one of the nominees was deserving of our prize, with amazing contributions to our ever-growing community. But, as always, the winner must take it all. That winner, chosen by our MVC Judges, is Sam Sabri, the Managing Editor for the wonderful Windows Phone Central.

MVC winner

Sam’s the man

Sam, from Southern California, is a total guru who’s well respected in the tech-writer circles. A passionate user of a Lumia 1020 and Surface 8 Pro, he was nominated for his incredible helpfulness and referred to as the go-to guy when it comes to ‘How-To’ guides. In the words of one of the judges, “In terms of keeping me connected to both the best apps and to various other bits, Sam’s the man.”

That’s just what we were after! Someone who always has the time and inclination to help others and is super clued up on everything Windows Phone! The figures say it all: Sam’s posted over 2000 times on the WP Central comments sections, just trying to give people advice. A heartfelt virtual hug and a huge thank you and congrats to Sam, may you spread happiness in the WP community forever and ever!

Calling hometown guys and gals!

After focusing on words in May, we’re now eager for more visual stimulation. June’s theme is photography-focused with a quirky local twist – we want you to nominate those small town boys or city gals who capture their hometowns in a wonderful way. The winner will receive a wireless printer (photos can be sent to it straight from the phone!) and lots and lots of photo printing paper to paper their walls with their artistic creations.

Do someone’s pics of their local hood make you want to pack up your gear and move there? Do their photos tell you more than any travel guide? Then you’ve got a nominee for #ConnectsMVC! And in case you’re still lost for ideas, here’s two of our favourites for your inspiration… these talented Lumia users seem to capture the very essence of where they come from in one picture.:

Susan Wong who’s showed us the beautiful sights of her hometown in Kenya

Roger Anis who’s taken us on a tour of Alexandria, from the pyramids to the ocean!

Enough from us, it’s time to get voting! To nominate your MVC Hometown hero or heroine, please either tweet @Connects with the tag #ConnectsMVC or drop an email to Leah at [email protected]. We can’t wait to see whom you send our way… and where we dreaming of moving to as a result. Nominations start…now! But before that we’d love to hear what you love best about this MVC winner, Sam the Windows Phone Man.