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June 18, 2014

Angry Birds Epic for Windows Phone

Same mad birds. Same naughty pigs. But this latest instalment is a real game changer.

If there’s one thing that’s been consistent in the Angry Birds series, it’s the avian-flinging catapult.

Now, that gone. Instead, the birds and pigs meet beak to snout on the battlefield where strength and guile triumph in Angry Birds Epic; a role-playing game.


As you’ve probably guessed, those cheeky porcine thieves are up to their old tricks. Your (you play as the birds) eggs are no longer sitting comfortably in the nest, but in the hands of the green enemy.

As you make chase around Piggy Island, the opposition at every opportunity will confront you. All you need to do to progress is win the battle.

For those missing the ‘drag your finger across the screen’ mechanic, fear not; that’s precisely how you win a fight. Or lose, depending on your newly learned skills.


When in combat mode, drag your bird across your Lumia’s display to make contact with the foe. Release, and your character will leap into action, taking a swipe as it goes. It’ll take a few attempts to defeat the enemy and progress to the next challenge, but it’s super fun trying.

Along your journey you’ll rescue your fellow bird friends and build a feathered legion feared by every swine in the land.

Need more fire power? Upgrade your weapons, armour, potions and your characters by saving the loot from every battle you play.

The war is won when the enemy is crushed and you’re in possession of your eggs once more.

Or is it…?

There’s only one way to find out. Download Angry Birds Epic for free* today.

*In-app purchases are available

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