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June 19, 2014

Closetaki: Your Portable Closet and Stylist

Do you know your Vans from Versace? Topman from Tom Ford? Modcloth from Manish Malhotra?

Even if you’re not bang on trend, chances are your closets, wardrobes and drawers are full to bursting with shirts, shoes and other clothing. And trying to keep track of all of them and assembling the items into well-composed outfits can be time-consuming.

Enter Closetaki. In Greek, “aki” is the diminutive form of a noun, so Closetaki means “little closet.” And just like its moniker says, the new, free Windows Phone-only app is your gateway to fashion heaven. How it works: take photos of each item in your closet. Yes, this takes time, especially if your shoe collection rivals that of Imelda Marcos, but the investment will be worth it. Next, organize similar items into lists (e.g. “pants,” “shoes”).


Then, compose outfits by creating tags such as “date night,” “lunch with boss” or “job interview.” Besides helping you plan your day-to-day outfits, Closetaki can help you decide what clothes to pack for your next holiday getaway.

Your Wardrobe on Windows Phone

Closetaki was created out of necessity, says Greek-born Maria Alexandropoulou, who developed the app (that’s her in the photo above). One day when she was shopping for jeans, she found a pair she liked, but couldn’t remember if another pair of jeans she’d bought two months earlier were of the same color. Since she had no immediate way to check, Maria didn’t end up buying the pants.

She also wanted an easy and efficient way to see her closet no matter where she was. “When I am on the bus on the way home and I am going out later that night, why can’t I use that time, when I’m just sitting there, to figure out what to wear?” Maria said.

So Maria got busy. Developing Closetaki was not a huge stretch for her. In her day job, Maria is a software engineer for Microsoft. But in her free time, she likes delving into the world of app development. Besides Closetaki, Maria developed an app for Snap, a two-player Greek card game.

“It’s my passion,” she said. “I have experience with .NET framework, and I’m big fan of Windows. My first smartphone was a Lumia. It was the red Lumia 920 and I will update to the 1020 for the camera.”

Closetaki was launched last September, and since then, it has been downloaded all over the world, in countries including India, the United States and Italy. Maria aims to add more features to Closetaki later this year, including cloud support so you can access your online closet from different devices, and a calendar so you can schedule what to wear.

So tell us, sartorialists: Is Closetaki helpful? Take a shot of you in one of your favorite get-ups and let us know!