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June 23, 2014

Thrill shooters: trick-shot skateboarding

Kick-flipping its way around the world, the Lumia travels to Africa.

The third installment of our amazing Lumia and Red Bull Photography partnership sees us in South Africa with photographer, Craig Kolesky, as he aims to capture the beauty of skateboarding.

Embarking on a road-trip around the southern tip of South Africa, Craig enrolled the help of Loucas Polydorou to photograph some great tricks against some even-greater backdrops.


Armed with a Lumia 1020 and Camera Grip, Craig recollected his experience:

“As things would have it, we just had the worst weather. There was so much rain, but we went for it anyway, carrying on with the photoshoot – the end result was really good.”


“It was cool to use the Smart Sequence setting on the Lumia 1020. It allowed me to get the exact shots I needed.”


“After a shoot I’d often go into the Camera Roll to check out some of the photos. I was really impressed with the clarity of the images, as well as the colour. Zooming into images on the Lumia screen, you could see how sharp the photos were.”


“Another great feature of the phone is that it shoots in RAW. You never know when you need to do those minor adjustments and colour corrections.”


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