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June 25, 2014

Nokia X2: Glowing colours

“When you look at the Nokia X2, you see the effect of the light on the translucent body. The colour is amplified and wonderfully intense.”

This is how Peter Griffith, Head of Mobile Phones Industrial Design at Microsoft describes the new Nokia X2.

“And this is all down to the layering we’ve used.”


Under the surface, the Nokia X2’s shell is built using an inherently coloured polycarbonate; the colour is embedded deep, not just painted on.

And on top, rather than a totally translucent resin, it is instead slightly tinted with the same colour as the base.

“We’ve worked with the light gathering properties of the material, this adds to the vibrancy and creates a glowing effect,” explains Peter.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this dual-layer design though, the Nokia Asha 500, Asha 502 and Asha 503 also featured it.


“Everything we design is a part of an evolution and there needs to be a certain kind of continuity,” says Peter. “We aim to learn from everything we achieve, and refine it even further each time we go about designing a device.”

“It’s not just the hardware that’s designed, so is the user interface.” comments Yannis Paniaras, Head of the Mobile Phones UX Design Studio at Microsoft in Beijing.

Yannis and Peter’s teams collaborate closely in order to make the outside work in harmony with what’s going on in the inside.

In fact, they tell us that they take a screen-centric approach to each design. That is to say that they start with the user experience and build the phone around the display.

We’ll hear more from Yannis and the Mobile Phones UX in a follow-up post.

Naturally, while Microsoft devices continue to be produced in ever-popular vibrant colours, there are several neutral hues, too.

“At the moment, the most intense colour options of Nokia X2 are bright orange and bright green. However, black and white are also going to be available.”

Even these look rich and refined thanks to the translucent layer.

Peter tells us that the colour palette has been gradually evolving from the Lumia 800 and Lumia 920.

“The Colour and Materials Design team found a base palette that works really well, and that’s one based on primary colours. We’ve adapted those colours over the years and we’ll continue to do so for many more.”

“By taking a considered approach in our design, we’ve been able to create a beautiful looking smartphone at a reasonable price,” explains Peter, which of course is essential when it comes to introducing people to a new device.


While the Nokia X2 is extremely pleasing to the eye, the design makes for a sturdier phone.

“When you take the back cover off, it feels very solid and robust. On the Nokia X2, it only adds to its strength.”

The Nokia X2 is built to last, but looks amazing while it does it.

Check out the latest images and videos of the Nokia X2.

What do you think of the inner glow of the Nokia X2? Share your thoughts with us, below.

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