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June 26, 2014

Get your social currency ready for the #100aires Pop Up

‘#100aires pop up store’ lets people purchase one-off art pieces using social currency alone

So, who are the #100aires and why the Lumia 630?

The Lumia 630 blends high end design and features with amazing value for a compromise free smartphone experience – it’s the perfect companion for the Hundredaires – who are creative young individuals at the beginning of leaving their mark in this world. They are resourceful and find imaginative ways to get things done. They are not just part of their scene, they are shaping it.


The #100aires Pop Up

The ‘#100aires Pop Up’ at The Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane, East London celebrates the Lumia 630 with one-off art commissioned around the theme of ‘No compromises”, including customised Lumia 630’s. Reinventing the rules of retail shopping, the pop up shop enables people to use social currency to purchase the art pieces.

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The store will run from Wednesday 2nd – Sunday 6th July 2014, to celebrate and support young individuals who use their use creativity to make a difference with their passions and connections.


Get involved

The first Hundredaires have been selected, but anyone can get involved by via #100aires on Twitter, or joining us at the pop up shop in London’s Brick Lane.

Each of the 100 art pieces will be valued and offered in social currency by Klout – with visitors able to bid on items based on their own Klout score. Klout who use social media analytics to help people understand their online social influence, will be on hand in store to visitors discover their score and bid accordingly. Everyone can get involved, but the larger your social influence, the more social currency you have to spend in the shop.

“Klout exists because of passionate people who create and share content and ideas over social channels. Independent creatives—artists, designers, musicians, writers—are among our biggest users and most ardent fans,” said Jon Dick, Klout Marketing Executive. “Our work with #100aires Pop Up fits the spirit of Klout perfectly—celebrating unique individuals, new perspectives and the impact both have in a social, connected world.”




Costas Syrmos, head of our creative Lab said:

“Our goal is to highlight and celebrate the subcultures of the social world, and people who use their intelligence and imagination to create unique works. We enjoy supporting talent across a range of creative disciplines, as we continue to showcase fashion, music and new artists. We want to help for people understand and leverage their own social currency and #100aires is the perfect platform for that. The new Nokia Lumia 630 is the perfect companion for this unique story, empowering young consumers with incredible technology that is affordable.”


Visitors will also enjoy the visuals of a live art installation created by some of London’s most exciting creative’s such as Louis Morlet, Nick Scout and Poppy Nash.

Lumia 630