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June 26, 2014

Meet the 40 fantastic finalists of the Soccer Shots photo comp

In the last couple of weeks, while we’ve been enjoying the highs and the lows of the beautiful game, people around the world have been taking different sorts of shots.

Yep, you’ve guessed it we’re talking photography, but not just any photography. Back in May, we challenged you to capture what soccer means to you and send us your best photos of the world’s favourite sport. We were flooded with colourful, atmospheric, quirky and simply beautiful pictures. Sadly, there can only be forty finalists, but oh boy what a selection.

These forty lucky individuals will be sent a trial Lumia 1520 device with a second brief to capture soccer inspired imagery from their country. They’re no limit to how many pictures that can upload in the next four weeks, and once they’re done you’ll get the chance to win a Lumia 1520 by voting for your favourite.

In the meantime, why not get a taste of the talent on display by checking out these ten super shorts below. And to see the rest of the finalists’ awesome work head on over to the competition page.


Soccer shots 2

By Robert John Cabagnot

soccer shots 1

By Danny Last

Soccer 3

By Anca Bilt

Soccer 5

By Irvin Jethro Velas

soccer shot 6

By Frederic Vanwalleghem

Soccer 7

By JW Groeneveld

Soccer 7

By Sudipto Das

Soccer 8

By Mark Baade

soccer 9

By Stephen Curry

soccer shots 10

By Buttin Aurelien

We’re totally loved up with each and every one on of the 40 finalists, but what about you? Which of these showcased here or on the compeitition page has you roaring your approval the loudest. Let us know down below.

Title image credit: Srinivasa Prasath

soccer shot