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June 27, 2014

My Mobile Life


It isn’t just a random number, but my winning ticket to the world of mobile devices.


“Check this out,” I called out my mother while receiving a parcel and carefully opening the packaging.  It was a gift from a close relative.

The box read “Nokia 3315.” I was transfixed by the phone’s green color; I hadn’t seen a mobile phone this closely before. It was overwhelming and scary at the same time as I didn’t know how to operate it! Unable to handle the flurry of emotions, I reached out to my neighbor for help.

“I have configured it, but don’t play around, this is not a toy,” advised Uncle.


That was the beginning of my Nokia journey and Nokia 3315 was my first mobile phone.

It was 2003. I was in school and barely 15. Barring desktop computers or gaming consoles, there wasn’t a personal gadget that teenagers could call their own. Thus, owning a mobile phone was considered a privilege and owning a Nokia, elitist! I felt on top of the world.

My mobile phone became my new confidant and was more than just a mode of communication. I vividly recall composing new ringtones on the mobile and have fond memories of playing Snakes (the popular game) and setting high scores. My mobile followed me wherever I went — school, coaching classes, badminton lessons and to bed (the snooze alarm feature was a blessing).

It was unconditional love. The monochromatic lines gave way to 65k rich colors and I turned into my family’s photographer. Nokia 6600 was yet another milestone and the family’s first colored smart phone. And colorfully smart it was!

The words “VGA camera” didn’t matter much, and neither did the term “pixel.” The 6600 was used to its fullest potential — I clicked photographs at my sister’s wedding, scribbled notes in the realistic notepad editor, played flash games, and listened to music.


School was over and soon it was time for college and my trusted friend, Nokia 6600, accompanied me to the university.

“Is that a mini computer?” quizzed one classmate, pointing to the 6600 in my hands. “Look at the number of folders it has!” she added while fiddling with the joystick.

Hopping from one Nokia phone to the next and now embracing the new range of Lumia phones, life has come full circle. I still own all my Nokia phones (seven in total) and feel nostalgic whenever I bump into someone using a Nokia phone. .

It is fascinating to see how these nifty devices have made our lives so much simpler. Just like you, I can’t fathom my life without a mobile phone and often wonder, “How did the world live before the advent of mobile phones?”

Mobiles have always enthralled me and this relationship has continued. My first job was to test, review and report on gadgets and so mobiles literally became my life.

Fast forward to 2014: My mobile is my Swiss Army knife in the truest sense. My Lumia won’t only take notes like a personal assistant, help me pair my dresses, make reservations, book movie tickets, congratulate friends on their anniversaries, and track of my fitness. Most importantly, the phone is part of my being.

My name is Nishtha and I am the Conversations editor for India. I assure you that the flavor will be as kaleidoscopic and vibrant as India. Let’s start this colorful journey of exploring smart devices and innovations and take our conversations wider.