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June 27, 2014

Poll results: SMS or MIM

While SMS has been around for more than a decade, MIM is a relative newcomer to the communication fold.

Last week, we asked you to participate in a poll to tell us if you prefer to send a text message (SMS) or use mobile instant-messaging (MIM).

The results are in; let’s see how you voted.

  • Both: 44 percent
  • MIM: 34 percent
  • SMS: 22 percent

It’s clear from our unscientific poll that you, our readers, have moved on from merely texting in the traditional sense.

Instead, you use a combination of SMS and MIM to get your messages across.

In second place is mobile instant-message, often providing greater flexibility in terms of costs (free) and more services and features.

In last place is the lowly SMS, or text message. While no additional installation is required, this sturdy workhorse of a message delivery service scored last place in your votes.

What do you make of the votes? Do they surprise you? And what of the future of messaging?

Share your thoughts on the subject below.