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June 30, 2014

Conversations reader survey 2014 results

Thank you all for taking part in our 2014 reader survey, which will help us to build a better Conversations. The survey is now closed, but let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

Here’s what we’ve learned about you:


  • 95 percent male
  • 4 percent female
  • 1 percent prefer not to say


  • 18-24 years old – 32 percent
  • 25-34 years old – 30 percent
  • 35-44 years old – 17 percent

Are you, our readers, long-term Nokia fans with plenty of device history?


Yes, it turns out:

Of those surveyed, 39 percent have owned five or more Nokia devices, 28 percent have owned three to four, and only 1 percent have never owned any.

But how often do you buy a new phone?

Mostly, its every one to two years – answered 43 percent. However, 24 percent said they received a new phone every two to three years.

When it comes to making a mobile phone purchase, 54 percent say that the brand is an important deciding factor, and 58 percent of you say the Operating System is another important factor.

And what about camera? Is that important? 63 percent say yes and 37 percent say no.


One feature we’re proud of in our camera tech is the OIS, but do you know what that means?

Of course you do, with 62 percent knowing the correct answer. For those that don’t know, it’s Optical Image Stabilization.

Naturally, we’re always thrilled every time you pay us a visit – we write these stories for you. But, what makes you come here?

It turns out that the majority of our readers, 40 percent, are general technology fans.

Second to that, 25 percent are here to find info or details that can help you make the most of your device.

And then there are 15 percent of you who are here to keep up with company news.

Whatever your reason, we thank you for stopping by.


Now that we know why you come to Conversations, how do you actually get here?

Good old-fashioned browser bookmarks, that’s how – with 43 percent selecting this option.

Then there’s Twitter, Facebook, and RSS feed, scoring 21 percent, 11 percent and 11 percent, respectively.

(By the way, you can follow Conversations on mobile, desktop, through RSS, Twitter, Flipboard and My Lumia app.)


Visit frequency

We’re delighted that most of you (33 percent) come back daily. Thank you — same time tomorrow?

If you’re not here every day, then 29 percent are here several times a week, and 24 percent visit us weekly.

What interests you?


When asked if you’re interested in Windows Phone, you answered this:

  • Yes – 89 percent
  • No – 11 percent

What about Lumia, specifically?

  • Yes – 90 percent
  • No – 10 percent

And apps? You must love apps, right?

  • Yes – 73 percent
  • No – 27 percent

And finally, who’s interested in tips and tricks?

  • Yes – 68 percent
  • No – 32 percent

Thanks again for participating in this year’s reader survey.

Oh, and before we go, we promised to give three of the participants a Nokia Purity Pro Wireless Stereo Headset by Monster, just for taking part.

We have selected the three winners – check your inbox please.