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July 5, 2014

Our 5 favourite new Windows Phone apps of the week

Happy Independence Day weekend, US readers, and happy beginning-of-July to those of you from elsewhere around the globe!

If you’re not already soaking up the rays or settling down for a long weekend of barbeques and belly-flops, then head on over to the Windows Phone Store and get downloading the following apps: our five favourite finds from the past seven days!

Pool Live Tour

What is it: a pool (as in billiards, not swimming) game

Why we love it: This game is already a Facebook sensation, so we’re pleased to see a WP version: now we can pocket those balls on the move! Play against your Facebook friends and see if you can top the online leaderboard. Pull and release the ball to shoot (as you’d do on Angry Birds!), and use your other finger to add spin. Play for status or for coins, or have a go on the practice table if you’re still honing those skills. The controls are really responsive, the SFX are ultra-realistic, and the music isn’t even distracting: we might have found our July addiction…

Who it’s perfect for: pool-sharks

WP pool live tour game

Aviva Drive

What is it: a car insurance app (UK only)

Why we love it: Okay, it doesn’t sound enthralling, but we think our UK-based readers will find this handy: it uses GPS data to track and rate your driving skills, so that not only can you have a household contest to see who’s best behind the wheel, but you can also use the results to nab discounts on Aviva car insurance. A mash-up of game and utility, then: we approve! Just keep your eyes on the road…

Who it’s perfect for: drivers

WP aviva drive app

Just Yo

What is it: a greetings messaging app

Why we love it: It reminds us of the days of yore, when Facebook was all about poking one another… This app simply lets you say ‘Yo’ to your contacts (once you’ve all set up accounts, of course). Simple and correspondingly limited, but fun, and the UI is colourful. And it’s free: yo!

Who it’s perfect for: social media/texting fanatics

just yo WP app

Comedy Central

What is it: a TV show app (US only)

Why we love it: Comedy Central is a US TV station, for those of you who don’t know it, and this is its official WP app! Use it to watch the latest episode of a selection of popular shows, both new and classic, including The Daily Show, Futurama, Key & Peele and @midnight. Most will require you to sign in with your TV provider first, though some shows, like South Park, don’t need a log-in.

Who it’s perfect for: comedy fans in the USA

comedy central

Blitz Brigade

What is it: a shooting game

Why we love it: This first-person shoot-em-up is not new to the world – the other platforms already have it – but as usual we’re satisfied to see WP users getting to share in the fun. Players decide whether they’d like to be soldiers, gunners, medics, snipers or stealths (we like the sound of that last one), and the battle commences! Expect carnage… As well as weapons, the game features vehicles to liven up your warfare experience, and you can also try out voice chat with other gamers. Warning: the game is free, but it’ll only work on 1GB devices.

Who it’s perfect for: adult gamers

blitz brigade WP game

That’s all, folks! Cars, comedy, pool and more – what a week it’s been! Have you been impressed with any other new releases or been blown away by revamped apps in the last few days? Please let us know in the comments – we’re always eager for more. And tune in next week for five more fantastic apps!