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July 9, 2014

Nokia X2: Enhancing a smoother and easier life the X Way

Microsoft empowers a generation of tech savvy, forward thinking, entrepreneurs in developing solutions to overcome our everyday frustrations.

Most of us dream of an easier life, one without inconvenient nuisances that face us daily, no tedious hurdles that get in our way, a life that is personally tailored to suit the way we are and our habitual being.

The X Way

Introducing ‘The X Way’ – a unique series of events that harness the power of innovators and creates solutions to make our daily lives easier and smoother.The campaign kicked-off in the heart of Mumbai where a group of twenty-five, hand selected, designers, entrepreneurs, artists and technologists came together in an experimental workshop focused on uncovering some of Mumbai’s most intractable problems and generating innovative and frugal solutions. Amongst the participants was 15-year-old Angad, a teenage genius and MIT student, British fashion designer Phoebe Lettice Thompson and Rajeev Thakker, Curator of global art space, Studio X in Mumbai – amongst others.



The Fastlane to freedom

Aligned with the launch of the new Nokia X2, The X Way campaign celebrates the Nokia X2’s new Fastlane feature that gives you the freedom to navigate between Android apps that you love in a smooth and easy way. The Nokia X2 enhances its user’s daily experience by providing an efficient combination of the best of both Android and Microsoft Smartphone services for a reasonable price.

Stephen Hancock, Global Director, Campaign and Brand Creative/ Microsoft Devices said: “We have a long standing history of providing our customers with a smooth and easy way of connecting with their friends and family. The X Way campaign focuses on exactly this; highlighting everyday hurdles and struggles and providing solutions to overcome them.

“At the heart of the campaign we are working with a collective of leading creatives that we call the X Team – innovators both globally and locally, who will lead and magnify the campaign across their individual markets.”

Meet the X Team 

Over the course of two days the team members ventured out of the lab environment into the lively bustling streets of Mumbai. Thinking about real people and the way they live their day-to-day lives, the participants identified significant challenges they encountered whilst out and about – notably sanitation, traffic and commuting. The teams were encouraged to interact with passers by and discuss what problems the felt most passionate about. Charged by their findings the teams went back into the workshop inspired to generate relevant and exciting solutions.

Equipped with tools and materials that the teams had collected along the way, including wood, straws, plastic and even a 3D printer, the teams begun creating, analysing and re-inventing prototypes.

The notable territories that people seemed most effected by was commuting, and the implements of commuting during the fast approaching monsoon.

In one month, Microsoft will be back in Mumbai and during the monsoon and only to find a solution…

Watch this space…

Be part of The X Way Challenge by sharing your everyday frustrations with us here.

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