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July 9, 2014

Taking notes the easy way with Nokia X

Need to make notes on your Nokia X? There should be only one option: OneNote.

Since the release of the Nokia X family, more and more people have access to Microsoft’s apps and services, such as OneNote.

With OneNote, you can do away with those heavy journals and all the scraps of paper you may have in your pockets. Save everything digitally; it will be accessible from anywhere you have an Internet connection.


Whether you’re at school taking notes from the blackboard, at work jotting down the latest monthly figures, or at home making a grocery list, OneNote is just a tap away.

With the app, you can either work alone or collaborate with others — particularly useful with colleagues or other members of the household.

Because you sign into OneNote via your Microsoft ID, your notes are seamlessly synced across your devices or computers. Notes can be in the form of simple text, but you can also add photos and audio to your entries.

With an abundance of text tools available, you can highlight, underline, italicize, and increase or decrease indent to format your notes in just the way you want.

OneNote is available now for Nokia X, Nokia X+, Nokia XL, and Nokia X2 from the Nokia Store – for free.

Are you using OneNote?