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July 10, 2014

Shooting for success with the Lumia Icon and Lumia 930

Expensive filming equipment can cost thousands. Save your money and grab a Lumia for instant movie-like results.

You should know by now that the Lumia 930 and Lumia Icon capture great video and audio. If not, stick in your headphones and press play, below.


Pretty impressive, huh? But how have the genius’s behind the design achieved it?

Sounds great

Underneath the sleek, aluminium and polycarbonate hybrid exterior hides four high-performance omni-directional microphones.

By positioning two mics at the front and two at the back, directional stereo recording is possible.

The setup captures any sound in front of the camera and reduces the sounds coming from the sides and the rear to create a clear, real-to-life audio output.


We gotta visual

Once pointed at your subject, the 20-megapixel PureView camera with ZEISS optics is ready to start rolling.

Both PureView and ZEISS alone are enough to capture beautiful videos , but there’s one more thing that really helps when filming – Optical Image Stabilisation, or OIS.

In short, OIS helps to cancel out any hand movements or sudden bumps that are likely to happen when you’re out filming.

And depending on what you’re filming, that might be more useful than you think, as you can see with the upcoming videos.

Mounting a Lumia on a bike or a car will obviously create a lot of camera movement, yet the OIS compensates exceptionally well to keep it as smooth as possible. The results are consistently impressive.

Don’t forget to crank up the settings to HD.

Mountain Bike Sick Day


Sick Day at the Races


For more about editing your Lumia-made movies check out the new and exclusive Video Tuner app.

Are you an amateur, or even a professional, Lumia moviemaker? What extra tools, if any, do you use for the job?

Share you experiences, and videos, with us below. We’d love to hear them.