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July 16, 2014

10 Windows Phone apps that will save you time and money

The Windows Phone Store is packed with apps that can greatly increase productivity and save money for business users.

If you run a company, large or small (and if you work for one, for that matter), it’s always worth considering how you can make mobile technology work for you. Here are ten apps that will help you maximize profits as well as make the most of those precious minutes and hours in the office.

Lync 2013

You’ll need to have a Lync server running or to be signed up to an Office365/Lync Online account if you want your workforce to use this, but it’s a huge productivity booster, in that it can tell you in real time which of your colleagues are available for calling, messaging or emailing. More importantly, though, it’s a tool for conference calling and instant messaging that doesn’t require long, awkward passcodes or numbers: that speeds up the whole experience. All in all, it’s a super efficient way to get immediate answers and take timely decisions with your team, while saving on on phone bills for mobile workers.


TimePunch Mobile

This is a very useful tool that allows you to parse and analyze exactly how long you (or your employees) are spending on particular tasks, which, of course, enables you to then streamline your workflow. You can sync your data to the Windows version so that you can view it on your computer, and you can export and import data that way too. Priceless – and free!

TimePunch Mobile

Budget Buddy

One of many budgeting tools available in the Windows Phone Store, this is an expense tracker that will allow your employees to efficiently track their work-related spending and save you time dealing with their claims: they can photograph their receipts, graph their spending in relation to their allocated budget, and export the data to OneDrive later. Quick, efficient and eliminates endless paper-trails.



Social media is great, but it can be a scourge to productivity. Turn it to your advantage by getting your team onto Yammer: a Facebook-esque system that restricts your contacts to the people you work with. Use it to share ideas and files, ask questions, and open documents: it’s a communication tool and a collaboration tool all in one.



This is for UK-based workers: do you, your co-workers or employees have to travel for work? If so, check out this app: it’ll find your train timetables and the fastest routes, but more importantly, it allows you to compare fares, it doesn’t charge any booking or credit-card fees, and it’ll take railcard discounts, if applicable, into account. You’ll save both time and money on business trips with an app like this on-board.



Date & Time Calculator

This is a 9-in-1 tool that lets you add up time periods: work out how long you (or your employees) have been at work; how many working days stand between two specific events; convert minutes into hours, hours into weeks, etc; time zone conversions, and more. An excellent way of calculating schedules, hours worked, when projects will be finished, how long international trips will take – a must-have for efficient managers.

date & time calculator


Total Fuel

Another one for company expenses: use this app to track fuel consumption whenever you or your colleagues have to take a road trip. It supports litres, gallons, imperial gallons, kilometers and miles, different vehicles, local currencies and more: a total package for any business, making it easier to keep fuel costs under control and to calculate budgets.

Total Fuel


Self-employed? Try this app as a good way to work out your finances. It’s quick, free and password-protected: it pulls all your personal bank accounts into one place and lets you track your incomings, outgoings, and your cash spending. It also has a budget feature. The WP version will show you live account updates on your Start Screen, which is a handy time-saver. You can get alerts to notify you of upcoming bills, fees, low balances, odd activity and more. It’s only linked to US banks, unfortunately, but for our state-side readers, it’s a very comprehensive money-management tool for individuals.


Citrix Receiver

If your business uses Citrix, then this app is invaluable: because it lets workers access their office’s files, applications and desktops remotely, so they can operate from anywhere. Delays, bad weather, business trips – none of that need obstruct productivity with Citrix Receiver. It links to your computer to webinars and meetings, it lets you access Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Evernote, and Linkedin from within the app, and more. An office away from the office.

Citrix Receiver

Tomato Productivity Timer

While other apps, like TimePunch, are excellent analytical tools, Tomato is an excellent motivational productivity tool for workers who struggle to maintain a balance between concentration and screen breaks. Set the timer and allocate time intervals and categories for work and for rest, ensuring that you’re both conserving energy and maximizing quality output. This will help you get the most from yourself and from your team.

Tomato Productivity Timer

Try one of these, or why not try all of them? Is your favorite time and money saving app missing from the list? Share your experiences and thoughts with us in the comments below!

Cover image by Pete