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July 20, 2014

Our 5 favourite new Windows Phone apps of the week

Games, photo-editing, sport, books and more: let it not be said that we don’t mix it up around these parts!

Scroll down to check out our top five new and updated apps from the week that was, and bring new life to your WP8 phone when you rush off to download them. And don’t forget to check back next week for more goodies – if you can rouse yourself from the brilliance that is our fifth pick, that is…

Nokia Creative Studio

What is it: a photo-editing app

Why we love it: This isn’t a new app, as you all are probably well aware, but it has gotten a big update in the past week, and we wanted to draw it to your attention: v6.0 brings a new design, new filters and the ability to edit your pictures without overwriting the original, as well as a few other tweaks: it’s a great all-rounder app that’s tailor-made for WP so well worth a gander if you’re not already a fan.

Who it’s perfect for: photographers




What is it: a climate app

Why we love it: We see plenty of weather apps in the Windows Store, but this isn’t quite the same thing: rather than giving an overview of what conditions are like at any given moment, this gives you an overview of the year-round climate in a given country. Handy for planning holidays or just boosting your general knowledge, it won’t be a service you’ll use daily, but it’s pretty handy nonetheless. It’s a little clunky, but we’d imagine this’ll be smoothed out in the next update.

Who it’s perfect for: travellers



Le Tour 2014

What is it: A Tour de France app

Why we love it: A must for cycling fans during the Tour, this free and ad-free apps is full of information about the stages of the race and the places it’s passing through, the riders, and the race itself – if the colour of the jerseys puzzle you, this app will solve the mystery! Download it now before the riders cross the finishing line on the 27th!

Who it’s perfect for: cyclists and sports fans




Bookviser Reader

What is it: an e-reader for WP

Why we love it: We’ve covered mainstream e-reading apps before, but Bookviser Reader (newly updated and renamed from plain old Bookviser) is a great alternative to your Kobo or Kindle apps because it’ll let you access ebooks that aren’t part of those stores’ catalogue – such as free downloads from Project Gutenberg. Bookviser has been around for a while and it’s got all the features you’ll want (highlighting the text and taking notes, for instance). It’s suitable for fb2, ePub and txt formats, and it’s free to download. The update brings a load of new features, from reading progress and battery indicators to SD card support.

Who it’s perfect for: readers




What is it: a puzzle game

Why we love it: Drag coloured bricks across a grid aiming to cover every square in a certain number of moves and taking into account the various obstacles and transformative bricks that get in your way. This game is almost unbelievably addictive: it’s simple in theory and fiendish in practice and gets you thinking about numbers in a Sudoku-type way. The four hundred levels get progressively harder (they’re categorized from ‘starter’ to ‘insane’!) and there are two modes, Puzzle and Zen, which are in fact identical, except that Zen includes soothing SFX and little aphorisms whenever you complete a level – the game’s worth downloading for that witty touch alone! We really do love this one.

Who it’s perfect for: puzzle fans



C’est tout! Good stuff, right? Drop us a line in the comments with your thoughts and please let us know if we’ve forgotten one you’ve discovered this week – share the love, Nokia-style!