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July 21, 2014

Superheroes, supercars, knights: all on your Windows Phone

With a Lumia in your pocket, you’re always moments away from great mobile gaming.

With a Lumia in your pocket, you’re always moments away from great mobile gaming. Check out these new titles.


Captain America: TWS – Free for first two levels, then $2.99

With America’s greatest (let the debate begin) superhero at your control, you must lead your S.H.I.E.L.D Strike Team to do what you do best – save the world from criminal organisations.

When these villains come in for attack, defend using all your might. When you’ve stopped them in their tracks, return the favour to put an end to their beastly activities.

If the fighting gets too tough for you to handle, call in the back up to help – Black Widow and Falcon.

Also available on Windows 8.1.


Rival Knights – Free


Remember the days when a battle was won with nothing but valour, a trusty steed, and a lance?

No, we didn’t live in the middle ages either, but this lifelike, 3D knight-sim game will give you a taste of those medieval armour-clad days.

Jousting to victory isn’t easy, but with each win you’ll get stronger and more ruthless; as will each of your opponents.

With weekly multiplayer tournaments, Rival Knights had us coming back for more, time and time again.

Also available on Windows 8.1.


GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience – Free

With more than 20-million downloads across different platforms and six-million monthly active users, GTR 2 is one of the most successful racing-simulation games ever released.

This addictive sports car racing simulator positions you in the driver’s seat of 140 high-speed cars, sticking you on the dirt, snow or tarmac with one mission: to drive. Very fast.

But of course, it’s not as simple as that.

Different game modes require different skills; so make use of yours in the Championships, Single Races, 24hr Races, Time Trails, the Driving Schools, and practice modes.


We loved the ‘simulation’ element that puts you right in the car, struggling with the steering wheel and peering out of the windscreen as you fly around corners.

Also available for Windows 8.1.

Three great games to play in your spare time.

Which is your favourite?