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July 24, 2014

Power your brain with Lumia

The next time you hear your parents or teacher urging you to play more games on your mobile, don’t be confused.

Researchers have concluded that ‘people who spend more time playing mentally stimulating games are more likely to perform better in learning, memory and information processing tests’.

Yes, we know you’re equally amused as us after absorbing this bit of news. But, before you storm out to sign up for a brain camp, try these cool Lumia apps to stimulate the grey matter, first.

BrainAppHub1Brain App


While, at first, it may feel like doing school-level math questions, the real test comes in having to answer them all in less than 60 seconds. That’s exactly what the Speed Math, Shape Shift and Balloon Burst exercises are all about.

Your score becomes your Brain App IQ and, with each rapid-fire exercise, you are rated as being above average, smart or average.

But take our word for it, these tricks will sharpen your brain and improvise your response time leaving your mental capacities refreshed and charged up.

The various levels (easy, advanced and genius) and remaining exercises like Card Count, Missing Signs and Color Chaos, require you to purchase Brain App for $1.49 from here.



Mind-Brain-Training1Mind: Brain Training (free)

True to its name, Mind: Brain Training contains a stack of three mini games to stimulate your cranial aptitude, in seconds. These cognitive exercises aid you in keeping your mental faculties stay alert.

Calculate the number of squares that flash in a succession, or memorize the order of squares that appear in a pattern sequence. The number of squares increases as the game progresses and so does the complexity of the patterns.

You have three lives to prove your mental worth. Lose focus and it’s game over.

Brain Teaser (free)

If you love to play Snooker then Brain Teaser will let you have fun while training your mind – just memorize the numbered balls the next time you aim for your pocket. Easy, right?

It might appear simple but try replicating the sequence of balls in three lives!  With each level the number of balls increases, as does the difficulty. Go on, test your memory with this teaser.


memory-tests1Memory Test (free)

Tap, tap and flip the block to find the object. Now continue tapping until you match the object to the corresponding block by remembering its location. Tap two blocks with same objects simultaneously to eliminate them and continue doing so until none remain.

Here’s the catch: there are multiple blocks with similarly looking objects. So puzzle on, test your retaining power and harness your eidetic memory while tapping away.

 brainy-cells1Brainy Cells (free)

Disclaimer alert: This is by far the brainiest and most involving game that you will come across.

Imagine having to unearth a hidden and randomly produced pattern in the shortest duration possible. Now memorize the pattern as it emerges. We aren’t done yet. Each time you click the incorrect choice, the previously uncovered pattern gets re-hidden and you’ll need to start again.

There are various grid shapes and sizes to choose from, plus casual or competitive levels to battle it out.

Share your brain app IQ with us and let us know how smartly you performed.