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July 29, 2014

Lumia – Your official city guide

Visiting any new city can be as exciting as it is daunting. Thankfully, your Lumia has all you need to help make your stay a lot more fun.

Here are five essential apps to help you get around cities more smoothly. Be sure to check what your roaming charges are with your local network operator as we all know costs can mount up, abroad.

easy taxi 1

Easy Taxi (free)

Available in 23 countries around the world, here’s a smart way of booking a cab with a couple of taps. Just type in your location, confirm and tap on ‘request taxi’, and hope an equally smart chauffer greets you.

We also recommend trying out Hailo and Uber in other cities.

Taxi Fare Calculator (free)

taxi fare calculator 1

If booking a cab with your Lumia was easy, calculating how much fare you need to pay is child’s play. With Taxi Fare Calculator you just need to key in your start and end destination, per/kilometer fare and you are set.

Not only will it show you the shortest route but will let you save some bucks. So sit back, relax and let your personalized taxi-meter assess the distance travelled and compute the approximate fare for you.

AroundMe (free)

around me 1

The last thing you need in any new city is to feel lost for things to do. AroundMe quickly identifies your position (using GPS) and searches for the nearest movie theatre, restaurant and bars. It’ll also locate your closest ATM, bank, hospital, hotel and supermarket among others.

Once you’ve selected the place you wish to visit, follow the in-built directions or use HERE Transit, below.

Also try out Bing Places on your Lumia for even more ideas.

Hungry Now Fast Food Locator (free)

hungry now fast food locator 1

Need a quick fix before you rush out to your next point of interest? Doubting how fast the food will reach you? With Hungry Now Fast Food Locator you can easily find out the nearest fast-food joint serving your favorite snack.

Select and pin four such joints and be voice-navigated to the nearest one; KFC, Subway, Dominos, Burger King, Starbucks, Taco Bell and many more should take care of your hunger.

HERE Transit (free)

Here transit 1

Now that you’ve selected what to visit, let HERE Transit tell you how to get there. Tap in your destination and it’ll highlight the nearest bus stop or rail station. It’ll even let you check arrival and departure times and show you how far you have to walk in between stops. In short, you’ll be experiencing the real deal just like a local citizen.

What do you use while visiting a new city? Let’s keep building the Lumia city guide list.