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August 1, 2014

Core i3 and Core i7 versions of Surface Pro 3 are now on sale in Canada and the United States

Today, Surface Pro 3 models featuring 4th Generation Intel® Corei3 and Core i7 processors go on sale in Canada and the United States at Microsoft Stores, Best Buy, as well as other Surface retailers and authorized device resellers. Surface Pro 3 is the first generation of Surface Pro for which we’ve offered this range of configurations. We did this to so that our customers could decide which Surface Pro 3 is right for them. This is the tablet that can replace your laptop, and we know that laptops and tablets are used differently by different people. The new range of products accommodates this with a different processor, memory and storage of options and price points.

Every Surface Pro 3 offers the iconic features that make it an amazingly productive device regardless of the configuration – each has a beautiful 12” ClearType HD display, each has a multi-position kickstand and Surface Pro Type Cover (sold separately) that give you the flexibility to work well on your lap or really anywhere, each comes with Windows 8.1 so you can run apps from the Windows Store as well as desktop software, and every Surface Pro 3 has the Pen with its brilliant OneNote integration that makes note-taking and sketching so easy. Every Surface Pro 3 is also thin, light, extremely well built, and a pleasure to use as a laptop or as a tablet. So how do you choose which one is right for you?

Core i3

Starting at just $799 USD, the Core™ i3 version of Surface Pro 3 gets all the benefit of the work we did to make every Surface Pro 3 thin and light and powerful. This is one of the fastest Core i3 devices available, and a great option for customers who want the versatility of a Surface Pro 3 but who don’t run the most demanding applications or workloads. It is a great choice for students who take notes and do their research on the web, or for anyone that wants a very portable device to be productive on the go, run Office and other desktop applications, make Skype calls, watch video, and casual gaming.

Core i5

Surface Pro 3 featuring the Intel® Core™ i5, with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology provides the power and efficiency to be productive across a huge range of activities. I personally used the Core i5 Surface Pro 3 as my daily machine for months and it handled everything I could throw at it – from my daily work in Outlook to the more graphics-intensive tasks of collaborating with and reviewing the work of our engineering teams. This machine outperformed any laptop I’ve used, and it will be the machine of choice for a lot of our customers.

Core i7

Surface Pro 3 featuring the Intel® Core™ i7 processor is the most powerful Surface we’ve ever released. It is designed to provide the power that our most demanding customers need. If you are the person who uses your device for complex tasks such as photo, video, or music editing, then a Core i7 Surface Pro 3 will be brilliant for you. It will keep up with you when you’re working your hardest, whether that’s in the office connected to multiple monitors and peripherals or travelling. It will save you the trouble of carrying a separate tablet when you want to read a magazine, watch a movie, or play a game. Below is a video of one of our mechanical engineers using his Surface Pro 3 to do 3D modelling:

Ultimately, you’ll decide which Surface Pro 3 is right for you – whether it is high performance or great capabilities for web browsing and working in Office. You’ll balance this with what you want to spend. You’ll think about how the machine looks, how solid and reliable it feels, and how it’s going to help you accomplish the specific things you do or plan to do.

Surface Pro 3 is designed end-to-end to be the tablet that will replace your laptop – to help you be productive in the things that matter to you, whatever those things are. Today there is a wider range of options than we’ve ever offered, and they’re all great. As you consider which model is right for you, think about what you’re going to do with it, then get to a store or talk to your authorized reseller and try one for yourself.