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August 2, 2014

Our top 10 new Windows Phone games of July

Get your tapping fingers ready: this month’s seen the release of some truly excellent games for Windows Phone – once more, proof that we’re hot property in the smartphone world!

This month, we’ve already featured some top-notch games in our weekly round-ups (Modern Combat 5: Blackout, anyone?) but there’s always too many to handle on a week to week basis, so here’s our monthly bundle of fun, just for you. Gamers at the ready!

7 Pips

Why We Love It: Like Threes or 2048, this is a strategy puzzle game: place coloured tiles on a board and try to get adjacent squares to add up to seven so that you can clear some space. Each time you add a tile, it’ll affect the numerical value of its neighbours, so be careful! This game is hard to get used to, so don’t worry if it’s a head-scratcher at first: as you get going, you’ll get hooked and you’ll probably find your mental arithmetic gets a good workout, too!

7 pips


Why We Love It: This is a cute number for younger gamers: customize three upper-cute (adorable!) characters to play in six different kinds of games, including soccer and ice-hockey. The graphics are simple and bright and though the game was a little glitchy on our 720, it was lots of fun once we really got going. The kiddies ought to get a real kick out of it.

Windows Phone Adorables

Free the Network

Why We Love It: We know we feature a lot of endless runners on here, but darn it, we just really love both running and gaming, so these babies press all our buttons! Anyway, this is a stellar addition to the WP Store. You’re basically running along a pipe covered in protuberant obstacles and you have to tap left or right to swerve. The music is high-octane and the pictures are incredibly simple and vibrant, with a real techno vibe. So far, we really suck at this, which means we’ll be playing for at least another month to save our dignity….

Free the network

Guardians of the Galaxy: the Universal Weapon

Why We Love It: This Marvel title is a fighting, galaxy-exploring, wise-cracking doozer of a game: build up your team of Guardians (Star-Lord, Groot, Gamora and Drax) and go head to head with a posse of dastardly villains as you try to recover the pieces of the Universal Weapon. Gameplay is easy to figure out with the on-screen tutorials, and there’s a whole arsenal of kick-ass moves to learn as you get the hang of all your dudes’ special tricks. Plenty of fun to be found here…

Windows Phone Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Skies

Why We Love It: Well, while we’re a little dubious about the male-oriented spiel that launches this one – women can fly planes too, you know! – and we’re bemused at the fact that this game comes courtesy of the actual Indian Air Force, it’s undoubtedly a compelling flight simulator and we think many of you will enjoy struggling to get your planes airborne and your missions complete. Be warned: it’s far from easy – whether you’re a boy or a girl!

Guardians of the Skies Windows Phone

Jack Lumber

Why We Love It: From the airforce to the forest: Jack Lumber sees you don your lumberjack shirt to fell some trees. Not just any trees though, but an evil tree that’s squashed your granny! To vanquish your enemy you have to work though a set of levels, slicing through logs according to various criteria and before the timer runs out: your granny’s left you targets to hit, too, so get chopping! Jaunty and fun – young and old gamers will like this one.

Jack Lumber Windows Phone

Kitty in the Box

Why We Love It: It’s simple (in theory): you have to get a cat into a box. Press the screen to make her run, let go to let her slide, but don’t let go too soon or she’ll roll over, and don’t let go too late or she’ll slide right through her box and off the edge of the platform. A recipe for addiction if ever we’ve come across one, because even the ‘easy’ setting is confoundedly tricky. The intermittent ads are irritating, but the game is free and we reckon that balances out okay.

Windows Phone Kitty in the Box

Mad Transporter

Why We Love It: Control your transporter vehicle – you’re transporting other cars – as you negotiate a series of hilly tracks, try not to run out of petrol or lose your cargo! This isn’t the most thrilling game but it’s fun, and a nice back-up when you’re too tired to handle the mathematics of 7 Pips or the cat-related stress of Kitty in the Box!

Mad Transporter Windows Phone

Piggy Ball: Chaplin Game

Why We Love It: This is slightly out of date, as it’s a World Cup themed game, but it’s so bizarre it’s worth a try regardless! Piggy has stolen the ball from the World Cup Final and you – having chosen which country you represent – have to help him escape! It’s an infinite runner/flyer in back-and-white (hence Chapiln): you have to avoid obstacles on the pitch and try to keep going until the game gets cancelled. Tap the screen to make Piggy fart and fly. This is another one that’s considerably harder than it looks – prepare to be frustrated!

Piggy Ball Windows Phone

Royal Revolt 2

Why We Love It: This isn’t brand new but it’s had a recent update and it’s proving pretty popular, so we thought we’d check it out: a raiding game that’s all online, it’s a chaotic and immersive multiplayer extravaganza, with offensive and defensive missions, loads of mini-tournaments and great graphics. If it’s a little confusing for newbies, bear with it: it’s a great mix of battles, magic and strategy. You’ll have to be online to play, so watch out for data charges, but it works just fine on 512MB devices, which is always a plus.

Royal Revolt Windows Phone

Well – hooked on any or all of the above yet? We bet you are! Please chime in below if we’ve left out your particular favourite – it’s hard to get everything in, and we and our readers are always on the lookout for new titles to test-drive! Until next month, gamers…

Image credit: Marcin Wichary