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August 5, 2014

Will it rain? Windows Phone Weather Apps

Whether it rains or not, carry your Lumia with you, and we’ll make sure that you don’t need an umbrella.

Here in India, we’re in the midst of monsoon season, but help is at hand. With these apps on your Lumia, you don’t have to track the meteorological department or appease the weather gods for pleasant weather. Here’s how you can track the rains and keep yourself dry, wherever you are.

Weather (free)

weather copy

Keep the weather app handy at all times and you can plan your day well in advance and know exactly when it is a good time to step out. Where else do you get an hourly, daily, and a 10-day forecast of the unpredictable weather, even before it has got a chance to turn nasty? Don’t forget to turn on the weather forecast feature on your Live Tile for constant updates.

Anti Mosquito (free) 

anti mosd

We all know rainy, balmy weather makes a perfect breeding ground for bugs and increases the mosquito population. No one likes getting bitten by these annoying pests. So what do you do to battle these bloodsuckers? Dab on some smelly lotion? Nah!

Remember how we keep telling you that your Lumia is a hi-tech weapon? No, we are not asking you to swat these killers. Instead, counter them with your own virtual mosquito repellant: Just tap the mosquito icon on this app and let it produce ultrasonic frequencies that frighten away the mosquitoes.

Choose from a range of available frequencies (14, 16 and 20 KHz) and shoo them away. Remember, mortal humans like you and me can’t perceive these sound ranges, so don’t test them on yourself.

Rainy Days (free)


If you happen to be a pluviophile like my friend and love catching raindrops, this game is for you. Catch falling droplets by tilting your phone left or right, depending on the direction of the raindrops. You have five lives to catch them, so try to catch as many as possible in a row and set a high score. This app is a perfect solution when you are caught in the rain and can’t step out.


rain rain

Love the patter of raindrops? Find yourself humming “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head”, the popular songfrom “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” too often? This app will not only let you change the color of raindrops, but will also replicate the therapeutic sound of rain coupled with soothing music. Now, have it rain at your convenience and enjoy the mood.

You can change the background music and the background image after you purchase this app for $0.99.

What’s your favorite app for a rainy day? Let us know below.