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August 6, 2014

Making downloads easy, with operator billing

With many years of strong relationship building with carriers under its belt, Nokia, and now Microsoft, makes purchasing from Windows Phone Store super-simple.

“Downloading apps or games from the Windows Phone Store shouldn’t be difficult, it should be easy,” says Tim Stevens, Head of Operator Billing, Asia Pacific & India at Microsoft.

“And for that to happen, operator billing needs to be in place.”


While operator billing may not sound that exciting, it’s vital for millions of people around the world, allowing them to make purchases from the Windows Phone Store and charge it to their phone bill rather than a credit card or bank account.

Singapore is the first country to offer operator billing for Windows Phone devices across 100% of its mobile networks.

“If you live in Singapore and own a Windows Phone, no matter which network you’re on, you’ll be able to purchase apps through the store and pay for it on your phone bill” adds Tim.

Not only is operator billing good for Windows Phone owners, but also for developers.

Tim explains: “Imagine you’re a developer of an app that has a cost to download. If a market doesn’t allow for operator billing and the people within that market don’t have a credit card, your app will never be downloaded.”

“By working closely with operators to include this payment method, we’re not only helping Windows Phone customers explore new apps or games, but we’re also helping to strengthen the entire Windows Phone ecosystem.”

Even in markets where people do have bank accounts and credit cards, the number of downloads from Windows Phone Store increases when operator billing is introduced.

“People seem to like the idea that they can add their purchases onto their phone bill. With Windows Phone, once you push that ‘buy’ button in Windows Phone Store, or for an in-app purchase, that’s it. It’s yours.”

“Unless you’ve configured your phone to ask for a PIN, that is.” explains Tim.

Currently, 64 operators around the world are taking advantage of operator billing in Windows Phone Store, with more being added all the time.

“Our team is working hard with many operators around the world to enable this payment method. We want to make it easier for Windows Phone customers to discover and download amazing apps or games.” concludes Tim.

How do you pay for your apps? Do you use your phone bill, or another way? Let us know, below.