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August 6, 2014

Six clever ways to use the Nokia Treasure Tag

The Nokia Treasure Tag makes it nigh on impossible to leave anything behind again, without being reminded.

But what can these Bluetooth-enabled little squares be used for?

“Where’s the car?”


Pair a Nokia Treasure Tag to your Lumia and switch off the alert tone within the Treasure Tag app – you won’t want the alarm sound here.

Pop the Treasure Tag into the boot of your car, in the glove box, or just hanging from the rear-view mirror.

If you’ve parked your car in an open-air car park your vehicle will be immediately findable.

Walk away, do your business, and forget all about your car. When you need to return to your vehicle, switch to the Treasure Tag app and use the handy HERE-powered map to locate your ride.

Food for thought

You know the score. You arrive at work and place your delicious pastrami and whole-grain mustard sandwiches in the fridge ready for lunch.

Only, when lunchtime arrives somebody in the office has claimed it for his or her own – and it’s gone.

If this happens to you, hide a Treasure Tag underneath the bread. The culprit’s in for a surprise the next time they walk off with your lunch – just listen for the alarm.

A key accessory


Keys. While useful, they’re small and insignificant enough to be continually lost and found. I lose mine at least once a week.

Not only will the vibrantly coloured Treasure Tag make it stand out, but if you do happen to walk off and forget them, the alert tone will let you know.

It’s in the bag. Quite literally


Pop one of these in your workbag, handbag, or rucksack.

The next time you leave one of these at a bar, under the desk at work, or at the supermarket checkout, you’ll not get too far before you realise.

Pocket it

It’s all too easy to forget a jacket or an overcoat.

You get to your destination, hang your coat up, often at the other side of the room, and forget all about it – never again, with a Treasure Tag in the pocket.

Rain supreme over your belongings


I’ve left the house plenty of times with an umbrella, because it’s raining, only to return home without it.

This is mostly due to the fact it’s stopped raining by the time I start my journey home and therefore forget all about it.

If you’ve ever done the same, attach a Nokia Treasure to the handle.


While all of these scenarios are great for reuniting you with your forgotten items, remember the Nokia Treasure Tag can also help you find your phone.

If you walk off with your tagged bag, wallet, keys, or jacket but without your phone, you can simply press the button on the tag and listen for the alert tone coming from your smartphone – or use the map feature within the Treasure Tag app.

Nokia Treasure Tag comes in four different colours: cyan, yellow, white and black, with a recommended retail price of €24,90 / $29.90.

Do you have a Nokia Treasure Tag? How are you using it?

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