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August 7, 2014

Get more storage with Onedrive

For many, saving photos, videos, music, or documents to the cloud is considered an essential.

Now, whatever it is that you want to save to the cloud, you can store more of it – much more.

OneDrive now provides 15 GB for free


By default, anybody who had created a OneDrive (or Microsoft) account was given a free 7 GB of free storage.

During this latest offering from OneDrive, everybody with an account, including new customers, will now have access to 15 GB of free online storage. That’s a 114-percent increase!

Office 365 storage increased to 1 TB

Office 365 provides you with a suite of tools to help you run the family home, your own finances, or just help you with your studies.

No matter whether you’re using Office 365 Home ($9.99 per month), Office 365 Personal ($6.99 per month), or Office 365 University ($79.99 for 4 years), your storage capacity has been bumped to 1 TB (that’s a terabyte).


The same also applies to OneDrive for Business members. Welcome to the 1 TB club.

Want additional storage? Buy more, for less

If you don’t need the full Office 365 subscription, but would still like more storage, OneDrive has several upgrade options. Here’s how the upgrade path might look:

  • The base 15 GB – Free
  • Add 3 GB when you activate your camera roll backup to save photos automatically – Free
  • 500 MB – when you refer OneDrive to a friend
  • 5 GB max – when you refer up to 10 friends
  • 100 GB – $1.99 a month (previously $7.49)
  • 200 GB – $3.99 a month (previously $11.49)

With all of this extra storage, you’re capable of taking more photos and videos and uploading them to your OneDrive account directly from your Windows Phone.

Plus, because OneDrive works across many different platforms, such as your PC, tablet or Xbox, anything you upload from those devices is also available right from your smartphone – and vice-versa.


OneDrive is an integral part of all Windows Phone smartphones and is available right out of the box.

How much storage do you have with OneDrive? Are you plugged in to the cloud?