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August 7, 2014

Nokia X2: design matters

Inside and out, the Nokia X2 has been designed to glow.

The body of the Nokia X2 is made from polycarbonate, but the way it’s been constructed is slightly different from its predecessor.

The technique is called dual-layering; something we’ve only seen on previous Asha devices.


Step one is to create a shell with bold, rich colour. Next, a second translucent, slightly tinted, resin is overlaid on top.

The result is a vibrant device that, when the light hits it, simply glows.

To match this glossy, vivid outer shell, the 4.3-inch display is created using ClearBlack technology to make the intense colours stand out against the blackest of blacks.

By updating the user interface, the home screen is also more colourful than before.

With more colour options available for the apps or games that you put on your home screen, the Nokia X2 really shines.