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August 7, 2014

SensorCore Spotlight: LEKI Trek and Ski

Exclusive to Windows Phone, the new LEKI Trek and Ski app tracks your fitness from summer to winter and beyond using SensorCore technology.

Whether it’s hiking, snowboarding or cross-country skiing (my favorite winter sport), LEKI Trek and Ski’s got you covered. It will count your steps; track and map your route, including mileage, elevation, speed and time; and connect you with a supportive community of other outdoors enthusiasts.


But that’s not all.

We’ve mentioned this free WP 8.1 app before, but let’s take a closer look at what it can do.

What’s interesting to fitness geeks like me: LEKI, the world leader in advanced technology trekking and ski poles, has built into the app training plans for trekking, cross-country skiing, and Nordic walking. The plans include a 1K Nordic walk plan for beginners all the way to a four-week 20K high-intensity cross-country ski plan and other exclusive content from the Professional Ski Instructors of America & American Association of Snowboard Instructors.

The app also offers professionally designed interval training plans for all levels, or you can design your own, and it will coach you by voice through your training.  Your Lumia will get you fit and well with this app in no time.

In a sense, the app acts like an online coach. Choose a beginning trekking interval workout, for example, and LEKI Trek and Ski will give you a five-second countdown before the workout begins. Then a voice will say “Interval started. Start trekking for two minutes at low pace.” At the end of each interval, the voice will tell you what to do next, such as to increase or decrease intensity. With a premium subscription, you can unlock more plans, access a training calendar and other features.


LEKI Trek and Ski also works with the Microsoft Azure-powered Active Network, a social community of hikers, skiers, and other rosy-cheeked active outdoors people. It’s fun to see how you stack up in telemarking, snowboarding or hiking with people half the world away.

The built-in camera feature allows you to take photos and share them online without leaving the app, sharing them with your Active Network friends and also Facebook and Twitter in one swoop. LEKI Trek and Ski also gives you music entertainment built-in from Xbox Music’s database of more than 38 million songs.

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, the app will come in handy for our summer hikes while we wait for winter. But for you folks in the southern hemisphere, you can use LEKI Trek and Ski now to track just how fast and far you whoosh down the snow slopes!



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