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August 8, 2014

Microsoft-made Windows Phones apps that Reddit loves best

Reddit bills itself as the front page of the internet and for good reason. With 115 million monthly visitors and hundreds of thousands of subreddit communities, there really is something for everyone.

Thanks to r/Windowsphone, a fantastic community of Lumia loving Windows Phone fans who share their news and views on the world’s finest smartphones, that includes us too. What better place, then, to find out which Mircosoft made apps are best. Happily, a redditor on the Windows Phone subreddit recently asked that very question. As usual r/Windowsphone’s redditors delivered. Here are their choices listed for your downloading pleasure. (Spoiler: We love them all too!)

Bing News

Bing News makes it easy to get the top news headlines from a variety of sources, presented in a sleek and uncluttered format. Your headlines can be personalized, so that you get the news that matters most to you, from your preferred sources. Live tiles let you pin to your start page, and you can also receive notifications of breaking news. Whether you want to quickly browse headlines or get more in-depth coverage on specific topics, Bing News delivers.

Reddit Apps- News

Office Lens

Office Lens is a must-have app for students, office workers, or anyone that wants to be able to quickly digitize information on whiteboards, Post-its, receipts, or any type of document. In other words, it’s like having a scanner in your pocket. Digitized information is searchable, and can be saved to OneNote.

Reddit Apps- Office Lens


If you want to get organized and stay that way, give Files a try. This file management app helps you to keep track of all of your files, letting you create folders, browse, search your documents quickly and efficiently.

Reddit Apps- Files


Tired of missing out on capturing that perfect photo? Blink captures a burst of images before you even press the shutter, and another extra burst afterwards, giving you a wider selection of awesome photos to choose from. You can also create short animations from the photos!

Reddit Apps- Blink

Bing Translator

Break through language barriers with this extremely useful app, which lets you translate more than 40 languages using text, voice, or camera. Additional features such as text to speech, which lets you hear words spoken by a native speaker, Word of the Day, which helps you improve your vocabulary, and the ability to use Translator offline make this app indispensable.

Reddit Apps- Translator


This incredibly addictive word game lets you play against thousands of people in real time. Not only do you challenge yourself by finding the most words and getting the highest score, but each 2 minute round features a unique in-game challenge, such as themed words or speed challenges. Wordament is a great way to pass time and improve your speed and vocabulary!

Reddit Apps- Wordament

Bing Health & Fitness

Get into shape with this fantastic Health and Fitness app, which offers tons of different features such as calorie and step tracking, workout videos, symptom checker and the latest health-related articles. If you’re interested in staying fit, this app is a must-have.

Reddit Apps- Health


As the leader in panorama creation, Photosynth makes it easy and fun to create awesome 360 degree photos. You can share your creations on Facebook, Twitter, or even Bing Maps!

Reddit Apps- Photosynth

Bing Sports

A must-have for all of us sports fans, Sports puts all headlines, scores, statistics, and more at your fingertips. Customization lets you follow your favourite teams and get the updates that are most important to you, and you can even get Twitter updates from your top teams and athletes.

Reddit Apps- Sports

There you have it, Reddit’s top Microsoft-made apps for Windows Phone! Did Reddit nail it or are there others you think warrant some Conversations’ love? Let us know down below.