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August 12, 2014

Nokia X2: essential apps to get started

With the Nokia X2 you’ve got access to a variety of Android apps. If you’re just getting started with the Nokia X2, here are some essentials.


Facebook Messenger

If you’ve got a Facebook account, you’ll almost certainly want the standalone Facebook Messenger app.

Much like texting on your phone, you can send messages to your friends.

One advantage of using Messenger is that you don’t need to open Facebook directly to respond to messages, allowing you to get to what’s important at that moment in time.

Facebook Messenger features something called chat heads (a bit like a pop-up bubble), a way for you to stay in the conversation no matter what you’re doing on your X2.

If you’re in another app and you receive a message, a chat head will pop-up. With one tap you’re back in the conversation.


Bing Search

For browsing the web, we recommend Bing Search.

Not only does it give you the basics of web and image searches, it can also deliver Bing’s daily homepage photo straight to the home screen.

When conducting any web searches, obviously you can go ahead and type them out in the search bar. Alternatively, you could try the audio option and simply say what you’re looking for.

Bing Search also includes Bing trends and Bing news for the latest gossip or news from around the world, as well as a weather button for your daily “do I need an umbrella” check.

By signing into your Microsoft Account within the app, you’re able to sync your bookmarks across other devices.



Love those banging tunes? You’ll want MixRadio.

By giving you access to curated playlists, your new favourite song or artist is just a track away.

With the Play Me feature, you can select up to three of your favourite artists and MixRadio will create a mix based around your selection.

Like what you hear? You can download that music mix to your device for listening to later.



We’re all storing digital files online these days, and OneDrive has plenty of storage for you.

With a basic 15 GB of free storage for every customer, OneDrive is the perfect place to save your photos, videos, documents or anything else you can think of.

And because of OneDrive offers centralised storage you can access those files anywhere you have an internet connection.


Instagram is, for many, the number one app for anything photo related.

Capture a photo, add a filter, include a tilt-shift effect and share it with more than 200 million Instagram fans around the globe.

If someone likes your photo, they’ll send you a like. Or, possible add a comment to the photo.

It’s a great place for engaging with like-minded photographers, amateur or professional.



With a ten year history of helping people to communicate all over the world, Skype now has more than 300 million registered customers.

Skype is great for instant messaging, video calling, video instant messaging (sending videos to people when they’re offline) and the sharing of photos and files with other people.

Most of all communicating in these ways can be cheaper, if not free, depending on your operator plan, by connecting via Wi-Fi or cellular data.


With OneNote, you can create your very own digital notebook that you can access from your phone, PC, or tablet, by way of the cloud.

With some serious annotation and formatting tools to hand, you can bold, italicise, underline, highlight or increase/decrease the indent on your text.

Notes aren’t just reserved for words, you can also add audio clips, photos, even to-do tick boxes.

Whatever you need to make a note of, OneNote’s got you covered.

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