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August 15, 2014

Instagram macro competition winners showcased

Hey you Instagramers out there chasing photogenic people feeling happy or sad (or anything in between), can we grab your attention for a second?

While we’re fully aware you’re busy with the #LumiaPeople theme already, we’ve got some massive news from the world of the minuscule. Yes, the winners of the #LumiaMacro Instagram competition are out!

You got to pick the theme for last month and didn’t that show in the number of entries… would you believe it, we received an overwhelming 18780 instapics of the micro-world! Ideally, this should’ve meant a longlist of hundreds of photos and at least a dozen winners but alas, we all know that’s not how it’s done. So, while celebrating each and every entry in our hearts, we’re proud to showcase our stunning shortlist, even more stunning runners-up and the super stun-tastic winner.

The shortlistees:














The runners-up





The winner



We love the beautiful golden light in the winning picture and the way the insect looks as if it’s been taken by surprise. Perhaps it has, who knows. Whether the answer’s yes or no, we think it’s a wonderful example of how macro photos can take us into a different, fascinating, hidden and slightly alien world.

Thanks to everyone who participated for the ride, and best of luck for this month’s #LumiaPeople Instagram comp. Remember, you can submit as many pics as you like, whether new or previously posted, as long as they’ve been taken with a camera smartphone. But before you go, please stop by in the comments section and tell us which of these nuggets of macro gold you’d have picked and why.