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August 18, 2014

Discover the new MVC winner and the theme for August

Happy Monday, Connects community! And not just any Monday, but an MVC Monday.

This means we’re about to reveal July’s Most Valued Connector and challenge your skills in yet another creative endeavor for August. Ready to roll? Then read on…

Instagramers that impressed

Firstly, we’d once again like to thank you guys and girls for making this award happen! We’re always overjoyed to hear from you, not least when you bring to our attention people and places the whole world deserves to know about. Which is exactly what happened the month just gone.

As you’ll probably remember, our July theme was Instagram, and the exceptional photographers you nominated were some truly astonishing artists! The contest was as close as ever, but these three Connectors came super duper close to claiming the coveted MVC title:

Olivier Wong

Olivier documents Paris and its surrounding areas in all its glorious beauty. His pictures are fresh, crisp and magnificently captured on his Lumia 1020.


Husain Ujjainwala

You’ll find Husain hanging out on the streets of Mumbai, capturing inspiring and colourful pictures with his beloved Lumia 1020. As avid an advocate as they come, Husain never tires of showing the world the amazing capabilities of his camera smartphone.



Alban Xhakaj

Alban is another prolific and excellent Lumia Instagramer who makes things happen in the Microsoft community. He lives in London and spends the bulk of his time capturing the city with his Lumia 1020 Carl Zeiss lens. He has a colourful, creative approach to photography and produces some spectacular shots.


Meet our latest MVC!

We have our first Australian MVC! Please give a thunderous applause to Rob Mulally from Sydney, with whose photography we’ve been in(sta)fatuated ever since he was Instagramer of the Week in April.

Rob is an incredible photographer who takes his mind-blowing shots on a Lumia 1020. His perspective and subject matter are always inspirational. His Instagram feed, a fascinating mix of sunsets, skylines, seascapes, architecture and creatures (and yes, we have some kangaroos there, too) shows the beauty of Australia in an extraordinary light.


It’s arty August!

Do you know someone – a friend, a colleague, someone you read about or someone you look up to – who is a total wizard or wizardess in creating art with Windows Phone paint apps? Someone a little like Phil Galloway from the FreshPaintTeam who loves getting arty with his Lumia 1520 and the Fresh Paint app, the Windows Phone equivalent of the iconic Windows Paint program?


Good, because our August theme is ‘Painting’ on your Microsoft device. You can nominate anyone using any Windows Phone painting app on any Microsoft mobile device, whether a Lumia, Asha or a Nokia X, as long as they have a talent in smart art. (The nominees are then put forward to our MVC judges who pick the winner.) The hottest news this time around is that the prize is a true work of art, too! The winner will have their portrait painted by a professional artist and embedded onto a Lumia 930.

To get involved, tweet your nominees to @Connects with the hashtag #ConnectsMVC, or email Leah with the name of whom you’re nominating and a link to any of their eye-catching work. Put your thinking berets on, dear Connectors. Let’s make this into a state of the art contest!