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August 18, 2014

Nokia X2: built for more

With improved hardware and software over its predecessors, the Nokia X2 is well equipped to take on more and more.


By the power of recall

With 1 GB of RAM, the Nokia X2 can perform tasks much more efficiently.

Rather than needing to dig into the mass memory for every task, more of your current activities can be run from this larger RAM.

Doing so also allows for smooth multitasking with the ability to switch between open apps using the multitasking screen — just long-press on the back button for all running apps.

Plenty of storage

Talking of memory, if you fill up the 4 GB of storage space AND you’ve expanded to the maximum 32 GB Micro SD card, you can always take your files to the cloud.

OneDrive now includes 15 GB of free storage – bumped up from the previous 7 GB allocation.

Prompt processing

The Nokia X2 features a Dual-core 1.2GHz processor.

With a slightly faster processor, the Nokia X2 can perform more tasks at any one time.

Simply put, you won’t have to wait as long for things to happen.

Longer lasting

With an 1800 mAh capacity battery the Nokia X2 stays charged up for longer.

Can’t stay away from your music? How does (up-to) 86 hours of music playback time sound?

Maybe you like to talk. A lot. The Nokia X2 gives you up-to 13 hours of talk time on 3G.

But if you don’t do either of those and only use the phone every now and then, be prepared for a 23-day standby time.


Say cheese!

When it comes to taking photos, we’re all thankful that our smartphones also include a camera.

Built into the Nokia X2 is a 5MP camera sensor with autofocus, capable of taking crystal-clear photos.

The LED flash can capture amazing detail as the sun begins to set, meaning you can stay outside longer.

Of course, the front-facing camera makes taking those glamorous selfies a doddle, and great for Skype calls, too.

Which features do you like most about the Nokia X2?

Nokia X2